Hardspace: Shipbreaker - Game adds new mode with no time limit

The game Hardspace: Shipbreaker entered Early Access on the Steam platform last month; the game was going very well for most players, but it had one factor in common that bothered everyone: the time limit.

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The 15-minute shifts weren't good for the players, who felt a lot of pressure when doing their work with the ships (which, in fact, is very delicate). Jokes aside, a request was made by the players to the game's developer, Blackbird Interactive, asking for the timer to be removed during work shifts.

Did the developer fulfill the fans' request for Hardspace: Shipbreaker?

The developer therefore responded to fan requests, and now, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, will add a new mode called open shift. Open Shift mode has no time limit for shifts, so feel free to cut as much time as you need. The timer itself has not been fully removed; it exists only to count from the bottom up, so you know how much time you spent on that specific task.

hardspace: shipbreaker
Hardspace: Shipbreaker Logo (Source: Disclosure)

In addition, in Open Shift mode, your space suit will always have oxygen (unless it is damaged and leaking). Therefore, everything indicates that it is much easier for a novice player to understand how the game works in Open Shift mode.

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Another change in this update was also the possibility for players to be able to make their own control mappings, making the gameplay more comfortable for each case. You can change it in an .ini file that is in the game folders, and you can also change it later in the game's menu. So far, we don't know when this update will arrive in the game.

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