MiHoYo confirms Inazuma's characters in Genshin Impact

Official Facebook page has released official information about Inazuma's new characters in Genshin Impact that will come in updates 1.6 and 1.7

After the viscous made by the leakers disclosing various information about Inazuma's characters in Genshin Impact, the nation that is commanded by Archon Electro, Baal, and which will be the next to be visited by the traveler in the game's story mode, it seems that miHoYo decided to end the speculations and divulge everything at once, posting images and history of the characters in your account on Facebook.

As disclosed here, we have the inclusion of the characters Kaedehara Kazuha, already seen in the official trailers of update 1.6 “Summer? Beach! Great Adventures”, and Kamisato Ayaka, known to players since the early versions of the game as it appeared in the official Story Mode trailer. But the news is due to the two new characters from Inazuma in Genshin Impact that had been leaked and were officially confirmed: Yoimiya and Sayu.

Yoimiya was referred to in some lines of Ayaka's dialogue as “the one responsible for the fireworks”. According to the leaks, now confirmed, she will be an archer using the pyro element. Information indicates that she will be a five star character and will have a charged shot capable of dealing damage in area, similar to Ganyu.

The trailer shows several characters to come around
inazuma characters
Sayu, Kazuha, Hutao and Rosaria were already known

Meet Inazuma's characters in Genshin Impact

Sayu had already appeared in old leaked images of characters who had already shown characters like Kazuha, Hutao and Rosaria. She will be a spade user with the anemo element and, to the delight of fans of the dwarf characters, it will finally be possible to make a team made up of short girls, with Qiqi, Klee and Diona. See the information posted by Genshin Impact's Facebook about Inazuma's characters:

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Kaedehara Kazuha ‧ Scarlet Leaves Seeks Wild Waves

Wandering samurai separating from his land

Mihoyo confirms inazuma characters in genshin impact | 5e69f89d kazuha | married games news | genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, characters, playstation 4, singleplayer | inazuma characters
Kaedehara kazuha

A Wandering Samurai from Inazuma, humble and calm. His youthful appearance hides several stories in the past. He may appear to be carefree, but he has his own principles to act.

Kazuha lives a wandering life, being on the path in the day, and sleeping with the sky as the blanket and the earth as the bed at night.

Wealth was never his pursuit, and whether it's summer or winter, what he's looking for is always true peace in his heart. The jungle is always his home, but he never worries about impending rain or storm. The rain also seems to be afraid of him, always avoiding getting close to him.

Out of curiosity, someone asked about his talent, and Kazuha always answered honestly: listening to the wind and contemplating clouds is his talent. People pay the slightest attention to weather changes, and it's not surprising not to know the signs. Kazuha, who is skilled at this, will feel the arrival of snow and rain immediately with just a breath of wind or abnormal humidity, and knows when it's time to look for a place to settle down.

Having set foot in all parts of the world, Kazuha has avoided so many storms and so many lightnings, however, this time, what is waiting for him is an unprecedented storm. However, he will face her! Rain, lightning and he, will meet at the intersection of fate.

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“Even if it's a slight movement of wind and rain, it can be noticed by me. Even if it's not raining, I'll stay here.”

Kamisato Ayaka ‧ Frost Crane

Daughter of the Kamisato family of the Yashiro Commission

Mihoyo confirms inazuma characters in genshin impact | 01fcf9c8 ayaka | married games news | genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, characters, playstation 4, singleplayer | inazuma characters
Kamisato ayaka

Daughter of the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission. Solemn and elegant, and also wise and strong. Administering his family together with his brother Kamisato Ayato, it is his duties to deal with the external and internal affairs of the family, and his brother the political part.

Ayaka, a kind-hearted girl, always treats people politely. Where there are civil conflicts, there is Ayaka, in that way, she created a good relationship with the people. She takes everything seriously, and perfection is what she always seeks in her life. Nobody can help but be moved by her deeds and, naturally, they want to get closer to her, here came the nickname Shirasagi Himegimi. When her people talk about her, they can't contain their praise.

Born into a cultured family, Ayaka has a heart as pure as an ice crystal. When spinning ice crystals, you can always see it emitting rays, as bright as Ayaka's heart. Behind his seriousness, there is also a side of kindness deep in his heart. But if you have the ambition to conquer the universe, you will have to have the skills to climb the clouds.

Ayaka, who is always eager to make friends with the talented and skilled, believes that good friends are the ones who light up your life, like the shining tip that adorns a sword.

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Yoimiya ‧ Dance of the Flames

Owner of the Naganohara Fireworks Shop

Mihoyo confirms inazuma characters in genshin impact | 5a2a854a yoimiya | married games news | genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, characters, playstation 4, singleplayer | inazuma characters

Very talented and creative fireworks shop owner. She is known as the "Queen of Summer Festivals" of Inazuma. At every celebration held in Inazuma, there was never a lack of fireworks made by Yoimiya herself. With her creativity as burning as the flames, she always ends up surprising everyone.

As she always maintains a childlike spirit, she often plays simple but interesting games with children, or simply goes with them to look for shiny objects. The children's innocence and simplicity make her very happy.

She also likes to make friends and take every opportunity to strike up a conversation with people. It seems your head is full of ideas and anecdotes to share with others.

Principles and the pursuit of perfection are what Yoimiya values ​​above all else. Fireworks can disappear in the blink of an eye, but the memory of such splendid rays will always remain in people's hearts.

The instant is also eternity. These momentary miracles are like a protection she offers to those around her. "The beauty of fireworks finds its eternity in people's enthusiasm."

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Sayu ‧ Mujina Ninja

Shiyuumatsu-Ban clan specialized ninja

Mihoyo confirms inazuma characters in genshin impact | 425538e2 saya | married games news | genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, characters, playstation 4, singleplayer | inazuma characters

A ninja belonging to the Shiyuumatsu-Ban clan. Its size may be small, but it is very agile. Now that you talk about height, Sayu stopped growing so long ago, like she had fallen into a dream where time had stopped. “When can I grow more? Haven't I got enough sleep yet?

The few times she wakes up from deep dreams, she thinks about it, but quickly falls asleep and goes back to dreaming. Sayu deeply believes that good sleep brings good energy, that it helps you grow more. To achieve this goal, she does what she can to rest more at work, perfecting her Ninjutsu to the limit.

Sayu can definitely be considered a master of running away, hiding and…shifting! Many things, like a leaf or a barrel, can have another name: Sayu.

So if the Shiyuumatsu-Ban clan needs Sayu's help, the first thing they need to do is find her. But from Sayu's point of view, it's not a matter of laziness, she just spends her time on the things that make the most sense, like sleeping and growing up.

Not all Inazuma characters in Genshin Impact have been confirmed

In addition to these confirmed Inazuma characters in Genshin Impact, the leaks also indicate the presence of another character from the region: Tohama (or Tohra or Touma). According to the information released, the character will be a spear user of the pyro element. He was found in some lines by Ayaka who apparently converses with Yoimiya, refers to him as a kind of servant, as the line refers to him apologizing for something he is not guilty of, acting as a transmitter of the apology of Ayaka.

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"The organization of festivals and ceremonies is the responsibility of Shabukyo and the Sanctuary Maidens,” she says. “And our fireworks handler really knows how to build a stimulating atmosphere. Although this summer I decided not to ask her to oversee the fireworks… because I don't want Tohama to have to apologize to the firefighting teams again.”

There is also no information about the classification of these Inazuma characters yet. If he is classified as a five-star character, Tohama will likely have a unique move set that we can't know right now. If he's a four-star character, Tohama could be an “economical” version of a popular five-star character, Hutao.

Just as Sucrose is sometimes called “Economy Venti” or “Four-Star Venti”, perhaps Tohama could be a “four-star” version of Hutao, as the other pyro spear user, Xiangling, works differently than the director of Wengsheng Funeral Home.

Another piece of information we have about the character is that, apparently, he will be an impulsive and reckless character, as evidenced by Ayaka's speech: "Once Tohama stuffed a whole Matcha Cake into his mouth, only to find it too bitter and spat it out again," See an image made by the artist Lumie from the data discovered about Tohama in the game files.

Mihoyo confirms inazuma characters in genshin impact | 08d66129 image 2021 06 07 121124 | married games news | genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, multiplayer, pc, characters, playstation 4, singleplayer | inazuma characters

Many New in Genshin Impact

Genshin impact is a free open-world gacha game (similar to the loot box), but with microtransactions within the game, published and distributed by miHoYo. In it you step into the shoes of the Traveler, an explorer capable of traveling worlds, but who was trapped in Teyvat, a place reigned by the Archons and facing a war against unknown enemies, and must find a way to return to his home world and find your missing twin brother.

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And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well and the Complete list of playable characters so far! Genshin Impact is available for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and soon Nintendo Switch with crossplay between platforms.

Now tell us what you think of these Inazuma characters in Genshin Impact. Did you like them? Will you save your gems to get some? Leave it in the comments.

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