New operator Death: Italian Cowboy at Warzone

Activision and Infinity Ward made an announcement of the newest CoD operator: Modern Warfare and Warzone will arrive next Tuesday (08). Agent Morte is an Italian cowboy played by the rapper, also Italian, Fabio Rovazzi.

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Death operator | warzone
New operator Death: Italian Cowboy at Warzone

Rovazzi met devs from Infinity Ward at a sci-fi convention and told them about being a fan of the FPS franchise. Eventually, the musician was called to live the role in the FPS.

"Being a Call of Duty character was a secret and impossible dream for me, and there are no words to describe the happiness of lending my voice and appearance to an operator. I also love the character's tribute to the Italian Western tradition. When I think that millions of players will play with my character, I feel honored and satisfied beyond imagination.- says Rovazzi

New Death Operator:Italian Cowboy in Warzone | e417d6ff the Italian operator death arrives tomorrow at the call of duty warzone | call of duty warzone, italian cowboy warzone, operator death | operator death news
Operator Death| italian cowboy

History Operator Death Warzone

Both the look and the story of Death are inspired by "Italian Western", a subgenre of western movies. The character's real name is Sergio Sullo, a boy who dreamed of being a lawman. However, he later became a Special Forces soldier and switched to the Warcom faction in the Warzone timeline.

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Death Operator will have its first availability in the game on September 8th. At launch, it will be available only as a 2.400 CP operator package (approximately $ 19,99)To get this new operator you must purchase the Death operator package when it is available in the store.

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