League of Legends Season 10, the new decade

Right now in January of this year 2020, league of legends launched a promotional video for its 10th season, Seasonings 10. Currently the game completes at least in the opinion of the fans, a decade of existence.

Although the game was released in 2009, many consider that the league of legends it only really started in 2010. Very briefly for the reason that in 2009 the game was still in beta and there was no competition, like the ranked ones.

League of legends classes promotional image
Promotional image of League of Legends classes

LoL Season 10 Superstition

Unexpectedly we received one of LoL's most creativity-free trailers, but still a masterpiece! Yes, it seems strange right? Well, let me talk about what exactly I want to talk about.

Firstly, there was all the preparation for the trailer to be finally shown to the public. In this case, I'm saying that Riot Games on the League of Legends social networks created a whole expectation in the community, follow the example:

Riot Games BR official countdown tweet

What a marketing ploy!

I must admit that LoL comes from time to time making a better marketing move than the previous one. Especially when it started with the K / DA music video of your first virtual band, it will be an unforgettable moment.

So to start the year with a golden key in this regard, here we are with the Season 10 trailer. Similar to any other animated short film that Riot Games has been launching in League of Legends.

2020 Season Trailer | League of Legends Season 10

All “FELLINGS” of the trailer

Wow, what felling, what emotion, what nostalgia, what wonderful feeling was passed on in this trailer? Certainly the choice of the same song from the opening of the 2014 World Cup, Warriors composed by Imagine Dragons, was an intermediary.

Because on the one hand we have a lack of creativity in creating music. However, from another point of view, we have all that emotion charged in the music. Which was in fact the most famous of all that carries the name League of Legends.

Moment of the 2014 warriors video clip | league of legends season 10
Moment of the 2014 Warriors music video | League of Legends Season 10

League of Legends after Season 10

We are currently in the second update of Patch 10, or the 10th season. So some of the changes that we managed to list, they are map variants and even Gameplay. So citing at least the most striking ones so far we can list the following:

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  • Changes to the Runeterra map.
  • New Sett champion.
  • Reworks announced for, Volibear, Fiddlesticks, Ivern…
Volibear remake image | league of legends season 10
Volibear remake image | League of Legends Season 10

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