League of Legends series, Arcane has trailer released

The series of league of legends, Arcane had its trailer revealed today (11/06) released by Netflix through the Geeked Week event. The animated series is scheduled for release later this year, between the months of September and December.

League of legends series, arcane has trailer released

The Arcane exhibition trailer could give us a taste of what to expect from the animation that has a very beautiful look and looks similar to what we are used to with the game from Riot Games. The series has been hanging around the community since 2019 when it was announced through the League of Legends 10th commemoration, but we have only just had the first impressions.

Check out the trailer for the League of Legends series, Arcane

More about League of Legends

League of Legends (abbreviated as LoL) is a free online multiplayer battle game., developed and published by Riot Games in 2009, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems, inspired by the Defense of the Ancients mode of the game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

In League of Legends, players take on the role of “summoners”, who control champions with unique abilities, who form a team and fight against the opposing team of other summoners or computer-controlled. In the most popular mode of the game, the objective of each team is to destroy the opposing team's Nexus, a building located in the base and protected by other structures. Each League of Legends match is different, as champions always start out weak and progress through accumulating gold and experience throughout the game.

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League of Legends has been well received since its release and its popularity has grown over the years. As of July 2012, it was the most played computer game in North America and Europe in terms of hours played. As of January 2014, more than 67 million people played League of Legends per month, 27 million per day and over 7,5 million during peak hours.

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