Limbo Studio reveals images of its new title

Limbo and Inside Studio, Playdead, first revealed a batch of images of their next game that still has no official date.

The images are enigmatic and highlight a 2D look, following the game design and artistic style of the previous ones

The official website of Estúdio de Limbo also revealed the first concrete information, explained directly by Arnt Jensen, founder of the studio, in job openings.

According to him, the game will have a larger scope and will not follow a structure as linear as Inside and Limbo. The plot will have sci-fi elements, and the gameplay will explore more aspects in 3D.

[The game] will be much bigger than the other two. It will be more “open”, exploring the 3D perspective with a larger area for movement. We're a little tired of limited 2D animation, so we've been developing this new aspect over the years.

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Anyway, the game continues without an official title and release date.

About Playdead, the Limbo Studio and Inside

Playdead is an independent video game developer founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 2006 by Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti. The two created the company to bring to fruition their debut title, Limbo, a game for the Xbox Live Arcade that was released in 2010, as with high critical praise.

After a year of exclusivity with Xbox Live, Playdead has launched its game ports for the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network, and for Microsoft Windows.

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But to access the official Playdead page, please click here.

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