Mass Effect mod will restore discarded novels

Audios recorded and found in the files of the Legendary Edition version show that the game would have several novel options and Mass Effect Mod will restore them

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Tali is one of the discarded options

The recent release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition came with a lot of news about the series' history and some changes from the original, like elements that were cut, DLCs that couldn't be restored due to code loss and some details that weren't included in the final product and some minor adjustments that you probably won't even notice.

However, among all the novelties, one of the great discoveries in the game's source code, made by data miners, was that certain romance options between characters of the same sex were planned for inclusion during the development of the remaster, but did not appear in the final product, since scripts with dialogs exist in the game files.

Part of this comes down to the fact that when developing a game of this scale that involves player choices, voice actors always record a lot more lines than are used, simply because it's much easier to have the options available ready-made than to have to go back to the studio and re-record. But, as former Bioware animator Jonathan Cooper revealed earlier this year, some elements of same-sex romance have been removed from games for very dubious reasons.

“You can't date Jack as Femshep in Mass Effect 2. I animated both scenes for Male and Female. We even envisioned Jacob as a male/male option, using Brokeback Mountain, scene by scene, as a model. It was said at the time that 'America is not ready for this'. Maybe not yet ”and continued“ We used (the film) Brokeback Mountain so it wouldn't be unacceptable - but the rules are different for movies and games, I think. Personally, I still believe it was the wrong decision to cut, as we protested at the time. People with problems (with this) can go fuck themselves – they don't deserve to play our games.”

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A Mass Effect Mod will come to help us

But, a report from Gamer who spoke with Mass Effect mod creator Ryan 'Audemus' Ainsworth, a renowned figure in this community, commented on what same-sex romance options already exist in the Legendary Edition archives. According to Ainsworth there are dialogues related to the characters Jack, Jacob, Kaidan, Ashley, Miranda, Thane and Tali.

"There is a dialogue present for all these characters, yes," says Ainsworth, although in several stages: some cut novels, like the one between Ashley and Kaidan in Mass Effect 1, are fully present in the archives. In Mass Effect 2, conversations for unused novels are partially present, but later scenes are missing.

Ainsworth gives the example of this romance between the female version of Shephard and Miranda, restoring audio lines from the game files between the characters and releasing them in a video with images from the novel FemShep /Miranda mod of the original trilogy, where between 32:45 at 33:20 it uses the official audio found in the game archives as part of the restored novel. The next scene, however, uses a technique called FOVO to generate audio patterns and lip sync from other conversations in the game.

"That was the only way to do this for Mass Effect 2, because we couldn't add new audio," says Ainsworth. "For the Legendary Edition mod version, we can be much more creative in the way we implement new dialogue for these scenes as we'll be able to add new audio."

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But, in short, modders can now begin to restore the (currently) seven same-sex novels found in the game files and, in most cases, with an 'official' audio to work with. "The fact that all the unused same-sex romance storytelling is still present in the Legendary Edition archives," says Ainsworth. "This Mass Effect mod is not just in the planning - they will almost certainly be made."

The Mass Effect Journey

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There are Mass Effect mods for every kind of romance

The first game in the franchise was released in 2007, by Bioware exclusively for Xbox 360 and ported to Pc by Demiurge Studios (also responsible for the DLC Pinnacle Station) and to PlayStation 3 by Edge of Reality, and was born thanks to the end of the license of the use of characters from the Star Wars franchise.

The Knights of the Old Republic series was a success and a third game was planned, but due to the end of licensing, the company decided to force on its own IP. The highlight was due to the character's morality system, which was very simple in Kotor, oscillating only between the dark or luminous side of the Force.

In Mass Effect, the developers wanted to go beyond good and evil, allowing their decisions to reflect on their relationships with NPCs and their companions during their journey. Killing or sparing an enemy can have consequences in the future, just as punching or not punching a meddling reporter can guarantee support or disapproval for the protagonist's attitudes.

Shepard, had his name chosen in honor of Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr., the second person and the first American in space (May 5, 1961). He later commanded the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, and became the fifth person to walk on the moon. The face of the Shepard man is based on the Dutch model Mark Vanderloo.

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The characters' voices are made by actors Mark Meer, who has played in games from the Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights franchises, and Jennifer Hale, who has worked on Metal Gear Solid, Metroid Prime, Bioshoch Infinity, Overwatch, as well as a series of TV as the Avatar: last Master of the air and the Legend of Korra and Powerpuff Girls.

And despite the controversies about “who is the canonical Shepard” and the male version of the character stamping the covers of the first games, Shepard was born as a woman. Jonathan Cooper, animator, released images of the first movement tests were used based on a female model taken from the game Jade Empire.

Another highlight of the Mass Effect series, as well as several other Bioware games, is the possibility for the player to get romantically involved with people and aliens of both genders. A player can choose between several NPCs to develop a romance, some of which can relate only to a male or female Shepard or both, which allows for an infinite number of different ending possibilities, depending on the relationship of your Shepard with the ship's NPCs. Normandy.

With versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, Mass Effect Legendary Edition hit stores on May 14.

So, are you excited about this Mass Effect mod? Do you have a romance you've always wanted in the game that you can't do? Contact us in the comments and read more about Mass Effect on Our site.

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