Warner Unveils New Space Jam Trailer: A New Legacy, Check It Out!

"The rabbit is on!" Not only him, but all the well-known and beloved gang of Looney Tunes is on with a new trailer for the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy! Check out:

In this new trailer, we can see more details of the movie's story, as well as a little more of the characters we love so much and bring us immense nostalgia!

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Cartoon version of surprised James lebron and the long leg in front of him | space jam: a new legacy
Yes, LeBron James becomes a cartoon!

If you're in your 20s-30s, you're probably pretty hyped for this debut (as am I), as you've probably grown up with the Looney Tunes, and can't wait to see the charismatic characters again.

Before talking about the new movie, a little bit of history: if you're lost in this Space Jam wave and why people are so looking forward to this movie, know that Space Jam: A New Legacy will be the continuation of a 1996 classic called Space Jam: The Game of the Century.

The original film stars basketball star at the time, Michael Jordan. Jordan is captured by the Looney Tunes to help them in a dispute that will decide the gang's future. And why choose precisely him to ask for help? Because this is exactly a basketball game.

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From there, it's all history. If you haven't watched Space Jam: The Game of the Century, try to watch it, it's a movie gem that mixes animation and live-action and brings the big names of the well-known Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck, Frajola, Gaguinho, Taz and many others.

And now, all these characters return not only to theaters but also to the basketball court for another very important dispute! In Space Jam: A New Legacy, the current star is LeBron James. When his son Dom is captured by the villain AI-G (played by Don Cheadle, the Fighting Machine in Marvel movies), a basketball match could not only save little Dom, but the entire Looney Tunes gang from disappearing.

Again, Looney and the big basketball star will be at a disadvantage, against a super powerful and star-studded team. Will they be able to save themselves once more, and will James be able to have his son Dom back?

If you missed the first trailer for the movie, follow below:

In addition to some repeated scenes, what this first trailer brought new are the various easter eggs and quotes to other works from the Warner world, such as Game of Thrones, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, the Iron Giant, King Kong, and many others characters well known among spectators of the super game (it's worth pausing the scene to see them all!).

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Lebron in the tune squad uniform, talking to the looney tunes team | space jam: a new legacy
So, will you root for Tune Squad? Source: Reproduction Twitter @RottenTomatoes

Some technical information: The Space Jam sequel began to be planned, amazingly, in 1997, a year after the release of the first film, but the idea had to be dropped after Jordam refused to act in the sequel. Since then, many similarly themed films have been planned and thrown away, such as Skate Jam, which would star Tony Hawk, and Spy Jam, with Jackie Chan, and even a Space Jam sequel with Tiger Woods in the lead role.

All plans were abandoned in favor of producing Looney Tunes: Back to Action (2003), and forgotten once the film reached horrendous box office figures. The Looneys were then forgotten for a while.

That's until 2014, when the Space Jam sequel was finally resumed. The bureaucratic part of the production lasted until 2019, when the recording finally began, but not without more movements: the film's original director, Nance Terence, abandoned the project due to diverging opinions, and was replaced by Malcolm D. Lee.

And yes, there was even more controversy when the first images were finally released. The first one was Lola Bunny's new look, this one wasn't really bad, as the original character's sexualization was diminished, as well as her empowerment. But still fans complained.

The second major controversy was the association of the image of the character Pepe Le Gambá (Pepe Le Pew, in the original version) to the rape culture, for trying to touch female characters by force. Good or bad, Pepe was completely cut from production.

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Ufa! Amidst so many problems and setbacks, a production planned since 1997 will finally be brought to life in July 2021. And we hope (very much) that there are no more problems, and that this movie is really worth it.

In addition to the trailer, Space Jam: A New Legacy also got a new poster, released by HBO Max and the film's official account (@spacejammovie) on twitter. Look:

And the advertising investment is huge in this production! Several products related to the movie are being announced, as well as a special Nike-launched sneaker called the LeBron 19. Special clothing inspired by the movie will also be released by Nike and Converse (which will also have their sneaker models). In addition, a series of Funky was also announced.

Space Jam: A New Legacy will premiere on July 16 in theaters and for 30 days on the platform HBO Max. So, are you looking forward to the release? Did you grow up with Space Jam and can't wait to reminisce and revisit the beloved characters of childhood? Leave your hype in the comments!

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