New secret Fortnite mission gives you lots of XP

Here's how to find Fortnite's first secret challenge: Chapter 2 Season 3. The secret mission of Primitive Goo aims to help a small goo village in quadrant B1, on a small island that emerged after the low water level, completing this mission will earn you a lot of XP. Remember that to complete missions in an easier way you can play in Team Tumult mode.

Epic Games has been involved in secret Fortnite challenges over the years, including a secret war between bears and gnomes last season, and this new season is no different. There is a secret challenge from “coral friends” that gives you a heavy reward and a new glow on your back. There will likely be more secret challenges similar to this one in the near future, so check out more guides on that front.

The Primordial Slime challenge is very simple if you know what to look for on the third season map.

Where to find the secret mission Primordial Goo

Gooes are strange blue creatures, located on a small island completely surrounded by water in the northwest corner of the map. You will find the creatures and a small camp in the sand. Where there is usually very little loot, then be ready to start the game with few weapons, if you decide to land here first.

The island is not shown on the map until you go there once. Here is the approximate location:

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Secret mission location
Fortnite's new secret mission gives lots of XP | secret mission

After arriving on the island, you will see a small group of blue creatures. So you have to give them 100 wood following the game prompt and they will instantly build small walls and ships. But don't worry about the wood - there are enough palm trees on the island to harvest the required amount of wood. Right after doing this, a banner will appear saying that you have completed the challenge.

From primordial goo the new secret challenge of season 3

You will be generously paid for helping your choir friends. Donating 100 woods to the cause will give you 25.000 experience points and a new glow on your back, in the photo below.

New quest for lots of XP and item.

Also check out our Fortnite Season 3 guide on where to find the Floating Rings on Lake Sloth, which is also a simple mission that gives a lot of XP.

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