Nintendo Talks about Drift on Nintendo Switch OLED Joy-cons

New console version comes with the company's most modern joy-cons but the drift problem seems far from over

One of the most persistent flaws of the Nintendo Switch models ever released has been the drift in the Joy-Cons. A phenomenon where players notice false movements when not even touching the joysticks on the controls. In other words: When you don't even have the controller in your hand, but the character on the screen is moving by itself. During the release of the console, the drift problem was quite common and Nintendo even committed to change the controls or fix them for free. We explain the entire process of exchanging joy-cons and shipping for repair here.

Since then, Nintendo has been relatively quiet on the matter in recent years, and the company declined to say whether the new Nintendo Switch OLED, equipped with an OLED screen, had fixed the problem. Until now, when the company decided to break its silence in style – and implying that the drift problem of the Joy-cons it can never be fixed.

Drift in joy-cons
Nintendo Joycons

In a new “Questions and Answers” ​​session about the development of the OLED Switch, the company revealed that it has been making constant improvements to the Joy-Cons to make them more reliable. The joysticks that came with the Nintendo Switch Lite, recently released here in Brazil, are not the same as the original 2017 Nintendo Switch and are continually being improved.

Drift on Joy-cons may never end

But Ko Shiota, a Nintendo executive who also serves as General Manager of Nintendo's Technology Development Division, basically said that Joy-Con will always wear out over time.

Q: You mean basically wear is unavoidable as long as the parts are physically in contact?

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Shiota: Yes, for example, car tires wear out as the car moves, as they are in constant friction with the ground to rotate. So, with that same premise, we ask ourselves how can we improve durability, and not only that, but how can operability and durability coexist? It's something we are continually facing.

Ko Shiota

The joysticks included in the OLED model are the “latest version with all the improvements”, as are the joysticks that come with the basic Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Joy-Con controls and Pro Controllers, says the company. . “Analog control parts have been continuously improved since launch and we are still working on improvements,” said Deputy General Manager Toru Yamashita. When you fix your Joy-cons, Yamashita says he will use the latest versions of spare parts available for repairs.

The Nintendo Switch OLED was released recently, but it's not yet available in Brazil, and we have to wait to see if these improvements have really made the Joy-cons more resistant to the wear and tear of time. But, apparently, Nintendo is already resigned to the fact that it will never solve the Joy-Con problem definitively. The full Q&A Session is long, but worth it read in full, as it's one of the rare opportunities to hear Nintendo talk directly about how it develops its hardware.

Nintendo Switch Lite is now available in Brazil

Nintendo switch lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

O Nintendo Switch Lite was officially launched on October 1st, in the Brazilian market! The console is available in three color options: yellow, turquoise and coral – and can be purchased at selected physical stores and selected online stores for the suggested price of R$1.899. The ideal console to play anywhere. The Nintendo Switch Lite, the new member of the Nintendo Switch family, is compact and lightweight and has built-in controls. Nintendo Switch Lite is compatible with all Nintendo Switch titles that can be played in portable mode.

It's ideal for both people who enjoy playing away from home and anyone who simply wants to play online or wirelessly multiplayer with friends or family who already have a Nintendo Switch Matrix system. Optimized for portable gaming, the Nintendo Switch Lite and accompanies you anywhere.

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See specifications:

Integrated Screen:5,5 inch LCD
Dimensions:91,1mm x 208mm x 13,9mm
Resolution1280 x 720
Weight:Approximately 275 g
Memory:32 GB
Do you accept an expandable card?Yes
Battery Life:Ranges from 3 - 7 hours, depending on the game

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