Discover Multilaser's Ultra Line Notebooks

Focused on the public that needs a quick solution for the home office or leisure at home, Multilaser Ultra Line notebooks hit the market

Laptops from the multilaser ultra line
Notebooks aimed at the average user are Multilaser's new bet

The Covid-19 pandemic period changed everyone's lives a lot. Whether in our personal life or at work. The home office has become a new standard, streaming services have boomed with new movie releases and the economic situation is going from bad to worse for many people. Those who were used to having their entire life on their cell phones, "fell" in the middle of this situation, simply did not know what to do since, all of a sudden, they needed to buy a computer, either for work or for leisure at home on a screen larger than 6 inches.

And it was exactly for this type of person, who needed at the last minute, to buy a computer, whether to work, chat or watch their streaming services, that the Multilaser launched its new Ultra line notebook, combining practicality and the necessary power for those who need to work at home. The company partnered with Intel and Microsoft to create a cost-effective product.

Quick FAQ

What is Multilaser U Line?

Notebooks aimed at the average user looking for a solution for the home office or leisure

What is the configuration on the Ultra Notebook?

14,1 or 15,6 inch Full HD screen, an Intel Core processor, memory ranging from 4GB to 8GB of RAM and versions ranging from 120GB to 1TB of SSD storage

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What is the battery life of the Notebook Ultra?

Battery has an average capacity of 4.700 mAh

What is the Ultra Notebook Processor?

Versions have processors: Intel Pentium J3710, Core i3 5005U or Core i5 5257U

What is the Ultra Notebook Operating System?

Linux or Windows 10 Home

What is the Value of the Ultra Notebook?

It ranges from BRL 1.700 to BRL 2.600 depending on the model and retailer


The U Line Multilaser features a 14,1 or 15,6 inch Full HD screen, an Intel Core processor, memory ranging from 4GB to 8GB of RAM and versions ranging from 120GB to 1TB of SSD storage. The computer can handle multitasking functions, whether for work or play. Its design is discreet, thin and light. Its keyboard has all the usual ABNT standard keys (including the Ç, which is normally left out of notebook keyboards). Some versions of Ultra offer a feature to turn the trackpad into a numeric keypad.

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Numeric keyboard and trackpad in one
The notebook has a dedicated Netflix key to make it easy


As an entry-level model focused on the average user, the Ultra can perform well for everyday tasks such as office work and watching movies. The more modest versions have a Pentium J3710 processor from 2016 and the others with a Fifth Generation Intel. So, its performance, especially on the 4GB versions, may leave a little to be desired in terms of speed, but it will still suit those looking for something they can use while working from home.

Of course there are notebooks with better configurations on the market, but it all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your notebook. These are definitely designed for those who need something simple, fast and functional for everyday tasks. Integrated graphics cards also limit the options of what to do with the Multilaser notebook. If you want something for games, this device is not for you.


The Ultra Screen comes with Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and adjustable brightness so you can adapt to both indoors and outdoors and work in comfort, as well as inputs for an external monitor, thus giving more options to anyone not used to small screens. Audio delivers what you need so you can listen to music or watch movies and series, without any major advances here. The Ultra has P2 inputs so you can use headphones if you want.


Regarding the battery, it has an average capacity of 4.700 mAh and the notebook has an autonomy, according to the manufacturer, of approximately 5 hours of continuous use away from the socket. Of course, the time of use can vary according to the tasks performed by the user, but as it was designed for work and leisure, in addition to being a low-cost device, it is expected that those who will have an Ultra at home will not use it for heavy gaming and graphic work like 3D modeling and movie editing. Here we have a device for use in an office with spreadsheets and texts in Word and, for that, the Ultra fulfills its function very well and can handle a day's work well.

See the technical specifications of Multilaser Ultra Line Notebooks

Version:UB320, UB322, UB420, UB421, UB422, UB423 and UB520
Processors:Intel Pentium J3710, Core i3 5005U or Core i5 5257U
RAM memory:4 GB or 8 GB
Fabric:14,1 or 15,6 inches Full HD
Weight:1,9 kg
Integrated video card:Intel HD Graphics 5500, Intel Iris 6100
Storage:SSD 120GB, SSD 480GB, HD 500GB, HD 1TB
Product Dimensions:35 x 40 x 2.5 cm
Operational system:Linux or Windows 10 Home

Values ​​for Multilaser's U Line range from R$1,700 to R$2.600, depending on your configuration and need. You can find Ultra notebooks on Multilaser's official website or in major retail stores.

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Now, leave there in the comments what you think of the new Multilaser U Line. Need more power? So see the best tips for building a gaming notebook here on our website. And take the time to read more about tech here at Married Games.

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