Nuclear Blaze arrives on Steam this month

The games are about making dreams come true, and when Sébastien Benard's son told him what he wanted to be when he grew up, the lead designer behind Dead Cells knew what he had to do.

Deepnight Games is lighting a flame in the hearts of gamers everywhere with its next 2D action platformer, Nuclear Blaze. Do you remember playing fireman when you were a child? Well now is the time to make your dreams come true! Nuclear Blaze is a unique 2D firefighting game from the creator of Dead Cells, where you'll face devastating backdrafts, exploding walls and complex sprinkler systems. Your job is to clear your way through a secret military complex, mysterious installation and try to keep the fire under control.

nuclear blaze comes to steam
Nuclear Blaze comes to Steam

Nuclear Blaze comes to Steam. List now

As a trained firefighter, after being thrown straight into a hellfire of unknown origin, it's your job to investigate a mysterious military installation and hunt down survivors. Although, something tells us you might not be so welcome here.

With only your wits, reflexes and reliable fire hose, it's up to you to try to clear every fire in every sector. But that won't be an easy task: the fire will spread uncontrollably around you, and every door you open can lead to another unstoppable hell. But Nuclear Blaze isn't just about fighting fires: hidden among the embers is a world filled with spicy secrets, hot tips that will expand the story, and an old firefighter favorite…cats to save!

Key Features

  • The smooth “signature” controls and gameplay made famous by Sébastien Benard, former Motion Twin associate, and lead developer and game designer on Dead Cells.
  • Dedicated “Kids Mode” designed for children aged 3 and over, level design, settings and gameplay are adjusted so this challenging adventure can be enjoyed by everyone!
  • Multiple unique levels to explore as you make your way through the fiery hellish landscape of a mysterious military installation.
  • Unravel the puzzles of Nuclear Blaze by finding secrets and hidden stories scattered throughout each level.

The game is available for PC on Steam. add to your wishlist today. Contact us in the comments and enjoy to read more News on our website.

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