Numbers dominate Season Five of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

The Perseus transmission is in full swing – players will have to investigate the source of it and will be rewarded with new functional melee weapons. Plus new modes, packs and more during Season Five of Call of Duty

A história até aqui: 16-5-18-19-5-21-19… 9-19… 8-5-18-5… “16…11…1…9…21…”

All over the world, from Verdansk to the Zoo in the Urals, Operators on both sides are reporting strange voices reciting numbers over and over in their ear points. Some of them even claim to “see” these “numbers” as strange visual hallucinations, thus questioning their own sanity.

And these are just reports from Operators who managed to get back to base. Others are apparently turning on their comrades and abandoning the squad;

Evidence begins to show that these Operators now respond only to Perseus' commands…

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But after all, what do the numbers mean?!

A  Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War officially arrives next Thursday (9), after updates from Black ops cold war on September 8 at 1:XNUMX am in Brasília and on Warzone September 9 at 1:XNUMX am Brasília time. Mid-season brings many new features, a variety of free content for Multiplayer and Zombies, with the event “The Numbers Event” featuring content in both games.

Um Warzone Rumble is reinvented with Clash, new functional melee weapons, and the fight continues into the '80s, with the ground being set for Season 6 of Black ops cold war e Warzone. And at the Store, a very well-known Operator for veterans of Black Ops returns to NATO forces, while the Warsaw Pact receives a new package to help them comply with the law.

Season five recharged from call of duty
everything that comes around

The main thing you need to know:


The animal is coming out of its cage – the Zoo arrives in multiplayer: First seen on the DLC Escalation of Black Ops in 2011, Zoo is a medium map and made for 6v6 modes in Black Ops Cold War, decreasing the total area of ​​the original.

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New to Black Ops Cold War – Demolition returns to Multiplayer: First presented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), this mode brings one team having to destroy everything with bombs, while the other needs to prevent these detonations.

New region in Zumbi Epidemic: Armada: Requiem agents will have even more to explore with this completely new region in Epidemic Zumbi.

New Global Event on the Zombie Epidemic: Requiem agents are reporting the presence of a new type of chest, a mysterious Black Chest.

Rampage Inducer on round maps: Operators who go to round maps to complete the season's challenges will find something new: o Rampage Inducer .

New content in Zombie Slaughter and weapon design rewards (PlayStation): Slaughter will receive a new map and story information with Drive-In Slaughter, as well as a new limited-time mode: Diminishing Light, a twist on the classic formula where the circle shrinks over time. For all the details of the news.

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new mode in Warzone: Clash: 50v50 combat is back in Warzone .

warzone clash
Warzone Clash

New mode in Warzone: Iron Trials '84:

Only the strongest survive in the hardest mode ever to appear in Battle Royale in Verdansk. It's time for players to prove their worth with the full arsenal of weapons. Winners get a business card to prove their prowess.


The Numbers Event:

Those who surrender to Perseus' transmissions will be rewarded (during the season). Mobile broadcast towers were installed throughout Verdansk at the start of the season and will soon start broadcasting the “Dragovich Program” – known as the broadcast of numbers.

the numbers continue
the numbers continue

This will be the focus of The Numbers Event, an upcoming limited-time reward period for Operators brave enough to investigate these trucks placed by Perseus. The limited-time event starts on September 21st at 14 pm GMT.

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Plus: players who complete all nine challenges in Warzone OU Black ops cold war will be rewarded with a new functional melee weapon: the Sai.

New Limited Epidemic mode for hardcore agents: Survival (during season): While Black Chest and Rampage Inducer test the abilities of Requiem agents, the greatest zombie exterminators will be able to test their abilities in the Outbreak Survival when The Numbers Event launches.

This limited-time mode pushes the survival instinct in Zombies to the limit, making the Zombie Epidemic experience an exhausting yet rewarding challenge.

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hudson returns
hudson returns

Hudson returns - New Operator- Purchase Hudson as part of a store package that will arrive along with three legendary weapon designs, which will be released after the release of Season Five Reloaded.

He is the LEI – Judge Dredd Operator Skins for Beck available for a limited time (during season)

Ingo Beck of the Warsaw Pact is a calm tactical operator who specializes in demolitions… But in Season Five Reloaded a new facet emerges. He can also be the judge, jury and executioner.

Dredd judge
Judge Dredd

During the season, the Tracer Pack: Judge Dredd will be available for purchase in the store. Pack includes two Legendary Operator Skins for Beck. In addition to these two skins, the bundle includes three weapon designs: the SMT “Quick Judgment”, the assault rifle “Arbitrator Rifle”, and the pistol “Lawgiver”. It also has the “Incendiary” finishing stroke, the “Book of Law” accessory, the “Judge's Watch” watch, as well as a business card and an emblem.

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