Street Fighter 5 will be free for a limited time

Street Fighter 5 - First of all, my dear PC and PS4 players, are you in need of a fighting game? Your problems are over. (At least temporarily)

Between August 1st and 11th, the game Street Fighter V, released in 2016, will be available free of charge for platforms.

Anyway, the free version will have the characters from the launch and also the additional ones from the third season: Sagat, Falke, G, Sakura, Blanka and Cody.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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About Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V has the same graphic style as its predecessor but in comparison it makes some changes to the combat system, such as the “bar V”, filled as the player receives damage and adds three new skills. For the first time in the series, the game has a story mode, multiplayer between platforms (Windows and PlayStation 4 versions) and a new system in which after launch, both characters and other content, are developed and added to the game through updates.

The game was generally well received by critics of the specialty. On the aggregated scores site Metacritic, the PlayStation 4 version indicates “generally favorable reviews”. The accolades mainly focused on graphics, diversity of characters, new mechanics and gameplay. However, it was widely criticized for the server problems, bugs in the software and unanimously about the lack of content at launch, with some critics referring to the game as "unfinished".

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