Teaser suggests Superman skin in Fortnite

"Plastic object that when placed on the face makes us unrecognizable" indicates that the new season will have Superman skin in Fortnite

superman in fortnite
"For the up and away"

Season Seven of Fortnite, Epic Games' Battle Royale game and one of the biggest hits in its catalog, is just a day away and, as always, we have an in-game live event or mini-events leading up to debut. We've already had a cube circling the map, mysterious island around the map, and this season we have players being abducted by aliens and leaving them in a random location with full health and shield.

A few days before the new season, we also have screenshots or teasers released and, as in previous seasons, these screenshots give hints about what to expect in Battle Pass or new features being added, like there was a snowboard or zipline before. And the preparation for Season 7 is no different and we already have two teaser images with the last one scheduled to be posted on social media soon.

There seems to be a pattern in the two teaser images so far. The image on the left is probably a back bling that will be in Battle Pass, the image in the middle is a consumable / item we'll see in the new season or a hint for a Battle Pass skin, and the image on the right is an alien weapon.

The information about the milk carton is a bit confusing, but the interesting part is in the other image released, as the latest teaser features an item that piqued players' curiosity. It was described as follows: "When placed on the face, this strange plastic device seems to make us unrecognizable"

The reference couldn't be clearer: It's about the Superman hero's glasses. In addition to all the theme involving aliens and UFO's, the game will receive a visit from the last son of Krypton. The information has already been confirmed by a tweet from Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard, who confirms the presence of Superman in Fortnite, a DC Comics character, with a catchphrase used to refer to the character: “”Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plan! It's Superman!”

In addition to the glasses, the latest teaser shows an alien weapon on the right and what is likely a bling back on the left. We've already seen Epic Games add collaboration skins with other games or characters in Fortnite's Battle Pass. The entire Battle Pass of Season 4 was Marvel themed. We have several DC skins and a collaboration skin from Lara Croft this past season, plus rumors that Marvel villain Loki may be game path.

The release of the Superman skin in Fortnite seems to fit perfectly with Epic Games' plans for Fortnite in the Season 7 battle pass, in line with the alien theme that will be released in the next patch. However, it is not known yet if the item will have a special function, if it will give a Superman (or Clark Kent) skin or if it will be a cosmetic item just to decorate the player.

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This is a Job for Superman in Fortnite

Fortnite is a Battle Royale-style game, developed by Epic Games, which can be played for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. A success among games of its kind, and still appearing on the lists of most played online games today, the title receives updates with new content regularly.

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