The Sims 4 Farms Can Be Real

Mentioned by singer during theme song recordings for upcoming expansion pack, The Sims 4 Farms could be on its way

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If there's something simmers want in this new generation (besides cars, more affordable prices, interaction improvements, power go to school and other things) is an expansion aimed at life on the Farm. It's not uncommon to want this, as all previous versions had, in one way or another, lots of animals to interact with and the fourth version of the game already has an expansion that is the opposite of a farm life.

Now, a video published by American country music singer-songwriter Caylee Hammack gives a hint that the expansion of a life on the Farm may be on its way to the game. As she sang a song in Simlish (the language spoken by the sims) she stated that she has played over 1000 hours of The Sims on pc and that since she was a child she has played “simfarm”.

The transcript of the conversation is as follows:

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“I played SimFarm back then when it was all black and white, like little squares. Since I was a child I have played all versions of The Sims, on my computer I currently have, I think, 1000 hours of gameplay ?! I'm a crazy controller, and this is a world that I can control, so when I go on a tour I play for about 2 hours and create a world where I control people and do the best things for them. ”

Is The Sims 4 Farms confirmed?

The statement was made while she was recording a Simlish version of her song "Small Town Hypocrate". The leakers information has already confirmed that this song will not be featured in the next officially announced expansion, “Dream Decoration”, and that there will be a pack with a nature-focused theme. Which reinforces the idea that the next package will be geared towards farm life.

In addition to that statement, in her Twitter post the singer used an emoji of a fairy. Which may indicate that the package brings something magical and that it involves creatures like fairies. However, the expansion of universities has already brought fairies as a game element. By joining a secret fraternity, you gain powers to summon fairies and perform tricks.

The sims 4 farms can be real | 1f0c1354 farm 2 | married games news | ea games, maxis, pc, playstation, singleplayer, the sims 4, xbox | the sims 4 farms

So, as fairies as a game element it may be that the emoji indicates that fairies can return as playable species to sims, as are vampires, mermaids and plant sims. Of course, that might also indicate nothing and that she just used the emoji to say she "shines". So for now, treat everything about The Sims 4 Farms as a rumor.

Despite the indications, this does not mean that the package is confirmed. After all, this can all become just a collection of objects or a kit, an even smaller version of the object collections, with a nature theme and a few more plant-growing elements. So, it's still not possible to say that a The Sims 4 Farms is confirmed.

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While The Sims 4 Farms is not coming

While EA doesn't release an official The Sims 4 Farms, modders (always them) are already working on something to plug this hole and give players what they're trying to ask for. The Sims Farmland is a mod created by simmer Arnie and offers many cool features for players. Among the new features that the mod will bring will be:

A new semi-open world: a mix between how The Sims 4 worlds work and how brookheights it works. You have 5 Lots in the middle of the world (visible from 2D Map View) where your sims can live! But all around you is a giant interactive open area with a farm where you can pick veggies and cereals, go to school, work, marry your Sims in the Temple of Love, go to stores, restaurants, and more without a loading screen at all. .

Culture: This beautiful world (which recycles a Brindleton Bay neighborhood) is inspired by Italian, Slovenian, Swiss and American landscapes.

Agriculture: build your own farm and harvest vegetables or grains, raise farm animals and sell your fresh produce at the farmers market or directly to supermarkets or malls around the world. Create some love for your animals and work to provide the best products and make a living from it. You can even own a vineyard and make the best wine in the whole world!

Story Mode: a new story mode lets you follow the adventures of a farmer who will discover many secrets in this valley… (inspired by The Sims 3 Around the World).

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If you liked it, you can help the modder launch this expansion by visiting his page on Patreon. The official release was scheduled for March 2021, but apparently there is still some work to be done and a new official release date has not been released.

Whatever you want in The Sims 4

The Sims is a life simulator developed by Maxis and published by EA Games. In it you create your characters, build houses as you want, you can get a job, relationships, create a family or do what you want. The franchise has several titles and several spin-offs, released for PC and several consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii and even for Sega's Mega Drive.

So, did you enjoy the mod of life on the farm? Are you waiting for the official package information? Do you think fairies will be playable? Leave it in the comments and read more about The Sims on Our site.

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