YouTube: Hack attempt on the CENTRAL channel.

Unfortunately the platforms are increasingly falling short for everyone who uses it. In short, it was not long ago that a group of hackers from Russia were found committing such crimes. However, it was today that CENTRAL made a video on the same subject, commenting that they were also attacked.

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Youtube: hack attempt on the central channel. | youtube hackers | central news
YouTube: Attempted Hack on CENTRAL's channel. | CENTRAL

Coup explained by CENTRAL.

Basically with a fake email, but extremely well done, this gang uses websites and software to be able to have full access to the Youtuber account in question. Reported by CENTRAL in its most recent video, many people and even Brazilians fell for this scam. For example, the channel Other Castle, was one of the Brazilian Youtubers that lost their account. But Mateus, owner of the Outro Castelo channel has already said on a social network that the account recovery process is underway.

Subsequently, this e-mail that the group sends to the victim contains a website as stated above, and also a direct download for the software in question. With the help of these two items, the hacker thus obtains full access to the Youtuber Google account. Right after with a YouTube feature, the hacker adds his own account as a “partner” of the channel. Consequently it removes the Youtuber account from its own channel.

Beware of biased proposals!

Nowadays this happens everywhere, whether on the internet or even in real life. So be very careful with these emails and news, you could fall into a huge virtual scam. Fortunately, both Youtubers who talked about what happened, CENTRAL and the Other Castle have already got rid of the problem. YouTube has yet to comment on data theft cases.

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Also stay updated on the case of the Other Castle, on Twitter by clicking here.

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