Review of Life is Strange True Colors, the 3rd game in the series

Analysis of Life is Strange True Colors, the game that went public in September 2021 and in a very short time has already made the hearts and pockets of fans of the saga sigh in three different sounds. The game that initially told the story of Max and Chloe in 2015, then Sean and Daniel in 2018, now introduces us to Alex Chen with a surprising improvement in graphics and an equally flawless soundtrack.

Life is Strange 3 is available in three versions: original (R$299,95) deluxe (R$349,95) and ultimate edition (R$397,45), in addition to the character's clothing pack for R$21,45, 100,00. The price of the new series is one of the main complaints of the saga, being much higher than the price of other games in the saga that can even be found for free in the case of the first game or for less than R$ XNUMX in the second in the Game Pass ou Playstation Store.

So, so you don't spend your hard-earned money, we've come here to share a little bit of our experience with Life is Strange True Colors. Beware, the text may contain spoilers from this and previous games.

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Life is strange true color analysis
Life is Strange True Color Review

The Life is Strange True Colors game

As a good fan of the saga that I am, I was freaking out to get my little hands on Alex Chen's story and I must say I was quite surprised by the plot. The game starts with that Life is Strange face, with Alex sitting in the therapy chair talking about his future. At this point we are already introduced to what is about to happen, Alex goes to live with his brother Gabe, whom he hadn't seen in years because they were separated in the shelter for minors.

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Little by little, the pieces fall into place and Alex's life becomes less cloudy. It is possible to check the messages on your cell phone where we see that life in the orphanage was not easy, and we can also get a small glimpse of its power with notes about emotions in people close to you.

Right when Alex arrives in Haven Spring, standing on a bridge, we find the first part of the impeccable soundtrack that all Life is Strange have, but in lis 3, it is at this point that we see the evolution of the saga's graphics. Don't expect to find something extremely realistic, the new graphics are nothing like COD graphics for example, it's undeniable that the work has been upgraded, but we're still talking about Life is Strange.

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Steph's Glow up (LiS: Before the Storm vs LiS: True Colors) 

And speaking of which, it doesn't take long for us to find our little Barbie truck. Gabe shows part of town, introduces some people, and soon leaves Alex alone, who decides to go to the record store to buy a present after chatting with Ethan, Gabe's stepson. Inside this record store, Steph runs a local radio station and asks Alex for a suggestion on which record to play.

It's also at this point that we meet Ryan, Alex's other possible love interest. At the record store we have some references to old games, like a poster of Chloe Price's favorite band.

The soundtrack is still present throughout all episodes of lis 3, even more present than in previous games, after all, if Max loved photos and Sean loved cartoons, Alex loves music.

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It's in the first episode where we define the type of relationship that Gabe and Alex will have. Is she changed by her traumas or is it like they've never been separated? So you can choose whether you're going to play imaginary guitar with Gabe or just watch him have fun with Kings of Leon.

At this point we're introduced to the first conflict on the scene, Mac, the jealous boyfriend of a friend of Gabe's basically breaks into the apartment accusing him of having an affair with Riley and literally starts beating him up. Alex feels the anger that Mac feels, the impulse of aggression and when he sees his brother getting beaten, he moves forward and disfigures Mac's face. Gabe is startled by his sister's aggression and says he needs to be alone, and in this somewhat tense atmosphere, Alex gives us a gift with his amazing Creep performance.

PriceBest seller #1
Life Is Strange. True Colors-Standard-Playstation 4
  • The quest for truth: Uncover the hidden secrets behind your brother's death on an emotional roller coaster of adventure
  • Haven Springs, a new beginning: Freely explore the streets and spaces of Haven Springs, meet unforgettable characters and discover the truth
  • The quest for truth: In a truly personal story: make tough decisions and create your own unique experience
  • Share Alex Chen's Talent: Enjoy an impressive soundtrack, including original compositions, plus many other licensed tracks

Jumping to the part where everything is fine, Alex, Gabe and Ryan talking are interrupted by a problem: Ethan is alone in the Mines where an explosion will occur. The trio races against time to save the boy, and Gabe lands a favor with Mac, who works for the company he's responsible for, to delay the explosion until everyone is safe. With some difficulty with Ethan's emotions, Alex manages to save the child and when everything seems to have gone well, the explosion occurs.

That's where Life is Strange gets its little claws out. Everyone knew Gabe would die, it's spelled out in the trailer, the mystery of his death is literally the heart of the game. And even with all the information, you are surprised by his death. Alex's excitement for meeting his brother is so great that you end up getting carried away by the dialogues, the colors of the game, the soundtrack that when it happens, you cry like you were your own brother.

Gabe's death manages to be much more emotional than Mr. Diaz's death in LIS 2, and even Rachel's death. Gabe is hit in the head by a boulder and is thrown off the cliff, a piece of rope tied to him and the other end tied to Alex, Alex is pulled over the cliff too but Ryan quickly jumps towards him and grabs him, giving you a minimum of hopes that they will pull Gabe to the edge, but Ryan cuts the rope instead.

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So, who is to blame? Ryan hasn't tried hard enough? Was it necessary to cut the rope? Or was it Mac who guaranteed the explosion would be delayed but lied? At the wake, Mac still dares to say he hasn't received any calls. But Alex wasn't even close when Gabe called, is that true? Gabe's wake becomes a horror show with a lot of anger and tears.

To escape the situation, Alex and Steph go to Alex's apartment, Gabe's former apartment, but Steph is a thousand times more fragile than Alex. So the protagonist uses her powers to be able to console Steph, looking for memories that would make her happy.

gabe's wake
Gabe's wake

The entire second chapter of LIS 3 is devoted to the memory of Gabe and the aftermath of his death. But soon thereafter, a lighter mood hovers over Haven Spring. As a way to make Ethan feel better and distract himself from the guilt of his stepfather's death, the city organizes itself to play LARP, a type of RPG mastered obviously by Steph, involving the entire city as Alex gathers information about the tragedy that took his brother.

Alex, Ryan and Steph become best friends, and they investigate together. With the proximity between the members of the trio, we can choose exactly who Alex is going to kiss. I picked Steph because she's my favorite sneaker, but it's up to you.

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Who is alex going to kiss?
Who is Alex going to kiss?

At the end of the fourth episode the truth comes out, and Alex almost dies when he is grazed by a graze and falls into a mine. Life is Strange 3 saves a little piece of the first game in the following scenes: a bunch of mazes with passwords and flashbacks that exactly tell all of Alex's steps so far: What happened to your mother? Did her father abandon her and her brother? Why were Alex and Gabe separated? Why was Alex never adopted?

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It was at this point that I emailed Square Enix asking if they would pay for my therapy. What a heartless game. After this near-death experience, Alex even discovers that the same person responsible for Gabe's death is responsible for his father's disappearance. She manages to get out of the mine and interrupts a meeting in the town bar where she tells the whole truth, depending on Alex's actions during the game, Alex's friends may or may not believe her.

Coming to an end, Alex can choose to stay or leave Haven Spring with his new boyfriend or girlfriend or alone.

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Life is Strange Before the Storm Limited Edition
  • Art book
  • original soundtrack
  • all DLCs

Life is Strange True Colors Review

Starting from the most commented about LIS 3: the game is worth what it costs? No. You have to be a big fan to spend all that on the game without a conscience, believe me. Despite being a very good game and with an intense plot, it leaves a little to be desired. Why would someone pay R$ 20,00 more just to choose between 5 more or less identical clothes? If only I had more freedom of choice.

Another issue that bothered me a little was the speed of the game. Don't get me wrong, the plot twist is good, but unlike other games, it was just a flick and not a beating. You find the culprit and then the game is over.

I also found the game templates very similar to the first game. You spend all your time chasing a person to end up being someone who was suspect but not the main target. It's exciting? It's exciting. Do you give a little scare? Give a little scare. But it's more of the same, you know? We've seen this same storyline before in the same franchise.

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The game is over so quickly, you feel you could explore a lot more between the characters. Choice and consequence is not as operative as in LIS 2, where you decided for Sean but Daniel could act independently. Things start to unravel at the end of the fourth episode, by the way, the game is quite immersive, tense and fun.

Great start, end ok
Great start, end ok

I really missed references to old games. Steph knew Chloe, Max and Rachel, she just moved from a city that was wiped off the map or just saw her crush die, and shortly thereafter, her best friend dies in a terrible accident, it leaves a lot of marks on someone. They could have used that to have a more emotional conversation with Steph, but even in the spin off/extra episode of the deluxe, it's not covered as much.

References to LIS 2 were not grandiose either. I saw somewhere on the internet that they mentioned Captain Spirit but it must have been something quite simple like having a little comic on the newsstand, because for me it went unnoticed.

However in Life is Strange 2 we spent a lot of time with David with no idea he was going to show up, in LIS 3 we just have Steph who barely talks about his past. I would very much like to get some idea of ​​the lives of the two brothers, or other beloved characters. Haven Spring seemed very much like a place where the hippies would jump, or a place where Jacob could live with Sara Lee.

There is no connection between Alex that goes deeper than his romantic interests and his brother. It's a little disappointing to tell you the truth.

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But by far where I was most frustrated was the spin off/extra episode. In the episode we live like Steph, and that would be a plateful for fans of the barely explored franchise. Despite having Mikey's presence now in college trying to get more in touch with Steph, it's all very superficial.

The game with Steph takes place before Alex arrives in town, being divided into four parts according to the seasons. First spring, when Steph arrives in Haven Spring, then summer during LGBTQ pride month, followed by autumn where they almost miraculously talk about Chloe and Rachel (crumbs just crumbs), winter at Christmas and it ends with the moment Alex meets Steph, but through Steph's eyes this time.

In the trailer for LIS 3, they talked about a dating app, right? Only when playing as Steph. And the conversations are pretty basic, Steph manages to set up dates but you have no idea how it goes. In fact, if not for the dating app or the radio phone, Steph barely speaks to other characters. Honestly, the spin off is boring and boils down to just working on radio, it doesn't come close to Life is Strange Before the Storm or Captain Spirit.

The game with steph takes place before alex arrives in town, and is divided into four parts according to the seasons.
The game with Steph takes place before Alex arrives in town, being divided into four parts according to the seasons.

Main characters

Alex Chen

How can I say? Alex is amazing. It's very hard not to be touched by your story. She saw her mother die at 10, later she felt guilty and responsible for her father and brother not getting along at 11, when the father also abandons the two brothers. At 14, Alex is sent to an orphanage because Gabe stole a car and was sent to reform school, where she was never chosen by any family for “having too many problems”. When Alex reunites with his brother nine years later, he dies and discovers that the same person responsible for Gabe's death is also responsible for his father's death.

The girl has been through a lot. And contrary to what happened with Chloe, who discounted her father's death on everyone, Alex still tries to spare others of their dramas. Also, while Chloe liked to brag about how punk she was but was terrified of most situations, Alex went after Mac and got the hell down.

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You can even try to get angry with Alex, but she still has plenty of reasons for that, so you sensitize yourself and wipe it off. Alex is a little crystal that deserves to be protected from all harm, but who manages to defend himself calmly when this evil appears.

A strong and cohesive character, the most beautiful thing. If Life is Strange True Colors got a hit, it was Alex.

If life is strange true colors was hit, it was alex
If Life is Strange True Colors got a hit, it was Alex

Gabe Chen

As stated earlier, the early part of the game that shows Gabe before death is impossible not to get emotional. Gabe is captivating, no more. And when you start to get fed up with the guy's perfection, Alex's flashbacks start and the game takes you to the kind of big brother who gets fed up all the time and is reckless.

In LIS 3, Gabe just can't steal the role because he dies early. His protective brother look is a little reminiscent of Sean in Life is Strange 2 but more mature.

In lis 3, gabe just can't steal the leading role because he dies early
In LIS 3, Gabe just can't steal the leading role because he dies early

Ryan Lucan

Ryan is the typical golden retriever boyfriend stereotype. Always very good-humored, he's a heartthrob, a bit silly and with questionable hobbies. Ryan is a ranger who loves listening to birds, a prince charming vibe and the like.

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Ryan's mistakes are pretty sensible too. Yes, he might not have cut the rope and at least tried to pull Gabe back, but that would have put Alex's life at risk. So Ryan just acted and even though he hated the results of his actions, he remained a golden retriever.

It was with Ryan that the protagonist of Life is Strange True Colors had her first experience with the emotion of pure joy.

It was with ryan that the protagonist of life is strange true colors had her first experience with the emotion of pure joy
It was with Ryan that the protagonist of Life is Strange True Colors had her first experience with the emotion of pure joy

Steph Gingrich

Steph was already loved by fans of the saga for a long time. And if Ryan is the golden retriever stereotype, Steph is the sarcastic brunette girlfriend stereotype. Unfortunately this little xuxuzinho was little explored in the spin off, but the position of her favorite sneaker is still hers.

Charlotte and Ethan

Charlotte and Ethan are Gabe's new family. Gabe gets along great as Ethan's stepfather and is always trying to apologize to Charlotte who is half moon, sometimes sweet and sometimes crazy.

Although I'm not a huge fan of Charlotte, I believe her relationship with Alex was underused. After Gabe's death, Charlotte is tamed by a hatred of everything and everyone, she literally blames everyone for the death of her love. And there was a plate full of drama to eat there (Life is Strange True Colors faltered a little).

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At the time of the fight between Alex and Charlotte, Char literally says that Alex destroys everything he touches, and that he hates Ethan, as if Alex is somehow to blame for the boy going into the mines alone. And like, she just said she hates her son, how dare she say something like that to Alex???? And after that they resolve themselves in such a warm way. Come on LIS 3.

But Ethan despite being a little brat stars in one of the best parts of the game. The LARP match is basically made to feel better, and it's a lot of fun.

Charlotte was yet another character where life is strange 3 slept on the dot.
Charlotte was yet another character where Life is Strange 3 slept on the dot.

Riley and Eleonor

Riley and Eleonor are two especially underutilized cuties.

Riley living a mega abusive relationship with Mac asks Gabe for help in getting through an entrance exam. Eleonor, being Riley's only family, faces Alzheimer's and doesn't want to tell Riley, for fear she'll give up following her dreams.

A very intense subject and unfortunately dealt with in a very shallow way.

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Riley is a Lis 3 character that deserved more prominence
Riley is a character from LIS 3 that deserved more prominence


Mac and Riley's relationship could have been further explored, much more explored. What do you mean this guy comes into my house, beats up my brother, asks me to lie to his girlfriend and still ends the story like a poor guy who did everything to not make mistakes?

Abusive relationships like the one Mac and Riley had are very serious matters, but unfortunately that was more of an issue covered with little depth. Otherwise, Mac's bow of surrender is good, but he shouldn't get away with it.

Abusive relationships like the one mac and riley had are very serious matters
Abusive relationships like the one Mac and Riley had are very serious matters.

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