How to get verified Twitter account?

Verified Twitter account: Who has an account in social networks Be Twitter, Instagram e TikTok knows that there is a powerful seal that is able to let us know whether or not we should trust what is said on these social networks and know the authenticity of a famous person's account. A verified Twitter account, for example, is extremely important for us to know if a person is an expert on a particular subject. That's why the verification seal is essential for professions such as journalists, for example. In some cases, the seal only serves to point out that such a person is relevant in some matters, and in that medium fit influencers, celebrities, athletes and more.

It's not just about numbers of followers or number of tweets. And anyone can do the verification if they claim to be worthy of such a seal. And in this matter, we will answer your questions regarding this and how you will apply for the seal if you are qualified for it. Check out!

Oh, we must mention one important thing: Not everyone will have the option to request a verified Twitter account available, but the company itself has made it clear that sooner or later, the request will be available to everyone, without any kind of restriction. So stay calm and get ready!

How to get verified twitter account?
How to get verified Twitter account? Image Credits: Twitter

FAQ to get verification on Twitter

Who can be verified on Twitter?

To be verified, your account must be remarkable, authentic and active. The six noteworthy account types that are currently checked are:

  1. Government
  2. Companies, brands and non-profit organizations
  3. News organizations and journalists
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports and e-sports
  6. Activists, organizers and other influential individuals

Do I need to submit a document to gain verification on Twitter? 

No. Verification on Twitter means your account is remarkable, active and authentic. To confirm the authenticity of your account, we require verification of your identity. Government-issued documents are only a way to verify your identity. You can also use an official website with direct reference to your Twitter account or an official email address with a domain pertaining to the selected category.

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What does Twitter do with the uploaded document?

Twitter uses a trusted third party to help analyze your document. Twitter will not receive or keep any copy of your document. Such companies verify the authenticity of your document and provide you with limited information and a platform so that they can confirm your eligibility for verified account status.

When will I hear about my verification request?

It may take up to a few weeks to review and process your request, depending on the volume of requests in the queue. Each eligible application is reviewed by a human to ensure thorough and thoughtful review of all materials in your application. If the queue grows to the point where it is unable to honor this analysis time, there will be a pause in accepting new requests until we are able to account for the accumulated volume.

How will I receive notification of your decision?

Upon submitting your request, you will be notified by the app and by an email that Twitter has received your request. They will also notify you by email when your application has been approved or rejected.

My request was rejected. When can I order again?

Please feel free to re-request your verification 30 days after rejection if you feel the rejection should not have occurred.

How to Request Verified Twitter Account

Step one

The first step in the process is very simple! You will have to go to your Twitter application or website and go to “settings” and then to “your account” where you will have the option to make the request. If it doesn't appear for you, rest assured that it will soon appear for everyone!

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How to get verified account on twitter? | a5db978a application form 1 | social network, twitter | verified account twitter technology
How to get verified Twitter account? Image Credits: Twitter

Step two

Now you will have to choose which category you fit into. Be you a journalist, a politician, a digital influencer. Remember: Don't lie. This will cost your subscription!

How to get verified account on twitter? | d9d55930 application form 2 | social network, twitter | verified account twitter technology
How to get verified Twitter account? Image Credits: Twitter

step three

In this step you will have to place websites, blogs or anything else that is related to the category you selected previously. So, if you have a site that proves that you really are what you rated, you can put it in those fields.

How to get verified account on twitter? | d81e1436 application form 3 | social network, twitter | verified account twitter technology
How to get verified Twitter account? Image Credits: Twitter

step four

Now, my friend, just wait for Twitter's approval. It may take a while, but the demand is really big.

How to get verified account on twitter? | f8ae3d70 application form 4 | social network, twitter | verified account twitter technology
How to get verified Twitter account? Image Credits: Twitter

Street: Twitter

More about Twitter

Twitter is a social network and a server for microblogging, which allows users to send and receive personal updates from other contacts (in texts of up to 280 characters, known as “tweets"), through the website service, by SMS and by specific management software.

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Updates are displayed on a user's profile in real time and also sent to other follower users who have subscribed to receive them. Updates to a profile occur via the Twitter website, by RSS, by SMS or a specialized management program. The service is free over the internet, however, using the SMS feature may be charged by the telephone operator.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass and was launched in July 2006 in the US. The founders' initial idea was that Twitter was a kind of “Internet SMS” with the character limitation of a cell phone message. Initially called Twttr (no vowels), the name of the social network, in English, means to twitter. The idea is that the social network user is “cheering” over the internet. Since its inception, Twitter has gained extensive notability and popularity around the world. It is sometimes described as “Internet SMS”. Jack Dorsey is the current CEO of the company.

On September 12, 2013, through the company's profile on Twitter, it was informed that it had sent confidential documents to the SEC (US CVM) for its IPO on the Stock Exchange, an operation also known as IPO (Offer Initial Public, in English). On November 7, 2013, Twitter made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange. All 70 million shares placed on the market were sold. Its value rose up to 90% higher than the value initially stipulated at the opening of the trading session. At the time, the company raised US$ 1,82 billion on the market and was valued at US$ 24,57 billion.

On January 23, 2015 two new features were introduced. The “While you were away” is a summary of the main news and/or tweets who you follow. “Digits”, on the other hand, is made for developers and will assist in accessing websites by cell phone. Also in 2015, Twitter announced that it will release direct messages between people who don't follow. For this, the user will have to release the other contact through the account settings

How to get verified Twitter account?

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