How to beat the Hydro Cube in Genshin Impact

Coming with Update 2.1, the new elite boss will give you the materials needed for Kokomi's ascension, so grab your sight and go fight the Hydro Cube in Genshin Impact

The region of Inazuma brings more and more news to players and new challenges, as well as new characters that are already running through the world of Teyvat. We had Kazuha, Ayaka, Yoimiya and now the banners for the tengu warrior Kujou Sara and the mighty Raiden Shogun have been released. And soon, we'll have Thoma, the pyro spearman and Gorou, the geo archer, resistance warriors and the leader and priestess, Sangonomiya Kokomi.

So far, the only new elite bosses that give ascension materials are the Thunder Manifestation, which will give items for the evolution of Kujou Sara, and the Hypostais Hydro, which gives the Dew of Repudiation, which will be needed for the ascension of Kokomi. So if you're interested in having the Hydro Priestess on your team, be prepared to go visit this cube a few times and get ready for a really wet fight!

Hydro cube in genshin impact
Hydro Cube in Genshin Impact

He – the Hydro Cube in Genshin Impact

“A high-level Hydro elemental life form code-named 'He'. Hypostasis have strong rejection properties and will ruthlessly expel anyone who tests them. The logic behind their behavior remains a mystery.”

Adventurer's Manual game description

Hydro Cube is one of the new bosses in the game, which will give ascension materials, artifacts and housing to those who beat them. He can be found in the Suigetsu Pool, on the Watatsumi Islands, inside a cave. You will visit him at some point if you do a mission for an old lady in Vila Bourou, who will ask you to get a dose of Crystal Water. You can face him at this point or just take the item and leave.

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However, if your goal is to have Sangonomiya Kokomi on your team, to raise her to level 90, you will need to visit him a few times, as you will need approximately 46 Dews of Repudiation. So, you'll need to fight him about 20 times, more or less, in addition to spending about 800 resins. But if the prospect of fighting him so often seems bleak, then we have good news, the fight is extremely easy!

Particularly, I would say this is the easiest cube to fight since the beginning of the game! I think the Cryo cube in Dragon's Spine out of all of them is the most complex, while this one sits quietly in first place among the easiest bosses to fight! His attacks are fairly easy to dodge, but that doesn't mean you should settle down and accept all the damage he deals, as you can die quickly if you let your guard down. Another good news is that this boss is on dry ground, so don't worry about taking your electro characters into the fight.

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When defeated, the player must use 40 Original Resins to collect their rewards, which consist of Artifacts and Character Ascension Material for users of the Hydro element. Once defeated, it takes 3 minutes for Hypostasis Hydro to reappear. You can simply teleport to the nearest Teleport point and make your way back. It will probably be there again for you to face.

By defeating him, you will always gain 200 Adventure Experience, regardless of your world level, but the amount of mora, friendship experience and the quality of artifacts varies by world level. In addition to the Dew of Repudiation and the Varunated Lazurite fragments, you can also receive artifact pieces from the Gladiator's Judgment and the Wanderers' Troop.

Hydro Cube Attacks

Support Bubble: it attracts water and swings around a bubble before exploding into two smaller bubbles in different directions that transform into 'water drops' similar to slimes that can be destroyed.

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The darker blue slime will head towards the player and explode, dealing Hydro damage, while the lighter blue slime will send healing points to the boss. You can intercept healing points to heal yourself and stop them from healing the boss. If there is a slime but no longer on the field, the slime healer will only summon another slime.

You just wet her hair!

Vortex Tornado: turns into a meandering shape that spirals vertically before plunging into the ground dealing Hydro damage, this attack causes bubbles to rise from the ground for a while afterwards.

Dolphin Dive: Dive into the ground before transforming into a pod of dolphins, which leap towards the player in a curved path, dealing Hydro damage. If you are hit by this attack, you will gain the achievement “Bio-Oceanic Weapon” and gain 5 primes.

Whirl Storm: turns into a tornado while summoning circles of deadly rain from the sky dealing Hydro damage.

Diving: Dive into the ground to respawn in the middle of the arena. He uses this to get away from the opponent.

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rolling waves: Dives to the ground before morphing into a single large cube while summoning the rolling waves from the edges of the arena to roll towards it, before causing a large splash of water at the end, dealing Hydro damage. If there's an attack you've had to worry about, this is it!

dolphin show: Creates a summoning circle and spins a ring of water before covering itself in a bubble and then becoming vulnerable in the circle. While in this state, it will cause dolphins to emerge from the surrounding ground, dealing Hydro damage.

dolphin show
While the Dolphin Show is on, take the opportunity to give a show of blows at the Nucleus

Drops cure: When HP is low (approximately 5% of total energy), dive into the ground to move to the center of the arena and summon three large 'Water Drops', similar to slimes, which will slowly go towards the boss if the drops are not defeated in time they will touch the boss and heal him. These slimes have a shield bar in addition to the normal health bar.

Combat strategy

Hypostasis Hydro is probably the most vulnerable and weakest of the four main elements, as elemental reactions with Cryo, Pyro and Electro will cause Freeze, Vaporize and Electrically Charged, dealing additional damage to the boss. At the same time, the Hydro Cube can do a lot of damage. The best way to destroy Hypostasis Hydro is to dodge its various attacks, destroy the slime summons it makes quickly and stop the Elite Boss from reviving in the end.

Cryo works best against your 'drops' as the Freeze effect can lock them in place, preventing them from aiding Hypostasis Hydro during combat. So, Kaeya, Qiqi, Eula, Rosaria and Chogyun are practically indispensable in any of the teams you use here. I would particularly recommend Qiqi, as its freezing effect is not “stationary” and lasts for a long time following the character while healing any damage caused by Hypostasis.

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A shield character here is expendable as the attacks are quite simple to dodge. Now, if you want to use one, for extra security, Diona or Xinyan are good choices as they will cause additional effects to the boss. Taking a Noelle or Zhongli to be a shield support in this fight is even unfair against the Hydro Cube.

Slime Heals
Oops! Thanks for the cure!

Fischl and Xiangling can be very useful against the boss for their Elemental Abilities. When he summons the slimes, you don't even have to worry about defeating them. Just throw Gouba or Oz next to them and go take care of the rest of the enemies. I haven't tested whether slimes are attracted to Ganyu's Freezing Lotus or Amber's Baron Rabbit, but slimes are likely to be attracted to them, thanks to the taunt of these abilities.

The attack window for dealing damage on the Hydro Cube is quite short, so Yoimyia can be a good attack option, as its elemental ability can deal Pyro damage quickly with auto attacks, but any DPS can help in combat, if you do too much damage during that short window of time. Eula, Diluc, Razor, Raiden Shogun, Keqing and even Traveller geo or electro can wreak havoc here.

For obvious reasons, any Hydro character won't help much with elemental damage. So, Xingqiu or Tartaglia can be good at physical attacks, but the boss will be immune to elemental damage. Mona and Barbara, this time, should stay at home. Unless you're using a Barbara to heal yourself, it's not worth taking her into combat. But believe me, it's easier to get another character to deal damage than to worry about taking Barbara as a healer. The cure you get from food will be more than enough!

(the boss itself might end up healing you, so having a dedicated healer is really a waste)

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