Complete guide to the 5 faction ranks in New World

Want to raise your Faction ranks? Is your faction's reputation stagnant at 3.000? Learn how to get around this reputation limit and more

Have questions about faction ranks in N? The N there are three factions that are vying for control of Aeternum, the game's setting. Players can choose at the very beginning of the campaign whether they wish to join the Marauders, Syndicate or Alliance, each faction fighting to control sections of the map.

In addition to joining a faction, you will need to increase your rank with them by completing faction quests. These quests don't offer the same reward, with some granting more reputation than others. We'll see how to increase your faction rank in N, covering every rank requirement, faction missions, and why some players are stuck with a 3.000 reputation limit. Let's understand a little bit about how this system works.

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Factions in New World are decisive for your game

How to increase Faction Ranks in New World

If you've already joined a faction, skip to the next section. Before gaining any faction reputation, you need to join a faction. When you get far enough into the main story, you'll receive the "Commitment to the Cause" quest. You will need to join one of the three factions: Marauders, Syndicate and Alliance.

Factions influence who your allies are in PvP and the rewards you can buy from your faction's bounty shop. Reward differences are cosmetic only, so don't worry about choosing a faction that has better or worse rewards.

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new world factions
New World factions

Can I change Faction?

You can change your faction at any time every 120 days. If two factions are at war while you change, you cannot change to the faction that is winning the war. In essence, join the factions your teammates are aligned with (if you're playing with your friends, join the same faction. Unless you want to kill them. That's also valid) or the faction that looks cooler to you.

There are three factions in N: the Union, the Marauders and the Alliance. Each has its own style, ideals and sets of cosmetic armor, but that's where the differences end.

The faction you choose will dictate most of your game over your time in the N. You will complete missions for your faction, duel with other factions in PvP (sometimes on a large scale) and fight for control of the map.

Any faction that gains control of a settlement has control over its upgrades, can set tax rates for the area, receive buffs when they're around, and generally get better at it. If you want to know about camp upgrades, we have a guide right here.

Important things to remember about factions

  • You can only choose one faction to join.
  • You choose your faction when you reach level 10.
  • You can only change factions after three months or 120 days.
  • You can only join Company (as mini-factions within the faction) of the faction you are currently in.

Even when you change factions, you cannot choose to join the highest faction on the server.

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Until we know more about any “balancing” mechanisms that will be introduced to balance faction power, joining the largest or second largest faction is recommended when joining a new server. On the first day, this can be a little tricky. Who knows which will be the biggest faction?

faction missions

After joining a faction, you can speak to your faction's representative at any time. They will have six different missions that you can take on whenever you want – three for PvE, three for PvP. Both quest categories give faction rank, but PvP quests give substantially more faction XP unless you fail the quest.

If you want to level up your faction quickly, complete as many PvP missions as you can. PvE missions are a great alternative, but they don't offer as much faction power as PvP missions. Unlike other quests, faction quests update when completed. If you don't like any of the quests currently available, you can expect the rep quests to update.

PvE missions

pve missions
PvE missions

PvE missions challenge you to retrieve items, kill enemies patrolling an area, or craft items. These quests have no time limits or failure conditions, so you can complete them in your own time. These quests grant more XP than quests than the City Quest Panel, but less than most side quests.

Pick them up whenever you're about to complete a series of side missions to maximize your XP gains. PvE missions guarantee around 300 reputation each, ranging from 200 to 300 on average. This XP average is the reputation rewards are for a level 1-25 zone. As you enter higher-level zones, these values ​​increase.

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PvP Missions

pvp missions
PvP Missions

PvP missions are for maintaining terrain, collecting resources or retrieving items in specific locations. Taking any PvP mission will activate “PvP Mode” until you abandon the mission. Unlike PvE missions, if you die at any time, the mission automatically fails. You'll need to be careful when doing these quests, as most of the locations you'll need to visit are also quest destinations for other factions, ensuring you'll encounter enemy players.

As the risk is higher, the reward payout is better. PvP missions guarantee more than 400 reputation each, ranging from 300 to 400 maximums. Complete as many of these missions as possible to quickly increase your faction rank. Reputation rewards listed are for a level 1-25 zone. As you enter higher-level zones, these values ​​increase.

If you don't like playing PvP, we have a guide on everything. possible to do in solo mode in New World, so you can see how much the game offers you playing in singleplayer mode.

What are Companies?

Each faction is divided into companies of 100 players. This is basically how each faction operates on a micro scale. In closed beta, there is not much integration between the different companies and, currently, you cannot form an alliance between different companies.

Each Company is divided into a hierarchy, a bit like a Guild in other MMOs. There is a governor responsible for administering the settlements and the war and a second-in-command. Companies cannot be allies, but they can wage war against each other.

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The 3.000 reputation limit explained

You may notice that your reputation is limited to 3.000 at the start of the game. This is because you need to complete a mission to increase your rank. To surpass the 3.000 reputation limit, you need to complete the quest “[Faction Level] Test” , available at level 20. The name of the quest is different depending on your faction:

Looters: Gladiator's Judgment

Syndicate: Clerk's Judgment

Alliance: Templar trial

Your Faction Rep will give these quests as needed. This quest repeats each time you reach the reputation needed to increase your faction rank.

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You can choose one of three factions to join New World when starting the game. If you choose one, all three factions will be battling and vying for the game's various territories, controlling the region's fort, fighting PVP battles in the open world, and earning benefits from managing the local town. As you level up your character, you'll also want to level up within your faction, earning better rewards for the faction points you'll earn for completing tasks for the faction and defeating other players. How can you level up within your faction in New World?

Whenever you want to level up your faction's rank, you need to make sure you've met the rank requirement for your faction. You can verify this by talking to any of the faction recruiters available in any of the settlements. You can find them by opening the map above and looking for their faction symbol in the city. When talking to the recruiter, you will be able to see the faction's quest board and it will show you how much reputation you have gained with that faction.

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Reputation Level

You can progress to the next faction rank if you have enough reputation. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the next faction rank mission. You will need to complete more faction ranking missions, which you can take from the faction recruiter, or participate in PvP combat against other players in New World. You will have access to your faction's next rank when you reach a certain level.

Faction Positions

each faction in the N has five leaderboards, each unlocking new items that you can buy from the faction's bounty shop. You'll need to gain faction reputation through faction quests and then complete a test quest when you're at a high enough level to progress through each rank.

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Faction classification names:


* Level 5 members in Union and Alliance are both called Alchemists

Faction-level reputation and level requirements

ClassificationReputation RequiredRecommended level
10N / D

Quick FAQ

How much does New World cost?

The game costs R$75,49

How Much Does New World Weigh?

Amazon recommends at least 50 GB free storage

Can I login to Any Server?

Yes, but South American servers are recommended

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Can I switch characters on servers?

Originally not, but due to overcrowding on some servers, Amazon will allow you to switch characters on different servers for a while.

I chose the wrong attributes, can I reset them?

Up to Level 19, you can reset your stats for free.

Can I reset my weapon's attributes?

Can reset for free up to Mastery level 10

How to Raise Gun Level Fast in New World?

PvP is the way to go if you want to increase your weapon mastery as quickly as possible.

How to have two houses in New World?

Reach level 35 to gain space for a second house.

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How to Level Up Fast in New World?

Defeat monsters along the way.
Accept the city's quests.
Accepting faction missions.
Increasing skills.
Before logging out, rest at a camp to earn bonuses.

What is the Maximum level in New World?

The level limit is 60, and few people, if any, will be able to get to that point before next weekend.

How to Level Up Fast in New World?

Defeat monsters along the way.
Accept the city's quests.
Accepting faction missions.
Increasing skills.
Before logging out, rest at a camp to earn bonuses.

How to increase weapon level fast in New World?

PvP is the way to go if you want to increase your weapon mastery as quickly as possible.

How to get Fish Fillet and Fish Oil in New World?

Just have a fish in your inventory and press S + Left Mouse Click.

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How to have two houses in New World?

Reach level 35 to gain space for a second house.

Where is it best to fish in New World?

Fishing in the New World is most efficient at deep depths. If you're looking to raise the bar quickly in the game, then you'll definitely want to cast your line – with the bait equipped – into deep water.

How to find Fishing Spots in New World?

You will immediately notice the Fishing Spots as you will see fish jumping out of the water.

Where to get a Fishing Pole in New World?

With Master Fisherman Michael Shields in Windsward or creating one with a hemp fiber and green wood.

Explore A New World

N is set in the mid-1600s, where players colonize a fictional land called Aeternum, created in the mold of British America, along the Atlantic Ocean. Players can mine resources, craft items, and fight with and against other players.

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For thousands of years, the mysterious island of Aeternum was the source of fantastic legends – and now you've found it. Shipwrecked, without supplies or allies, you'll need to make your way into a dangerous world where the fundamental laws of life and death don't apply. Magic flows through Aeternum. Brings life: miraculous healing, reanimation of the dead and strange flora with magical properties. And that brings horror: the power to cause unspeakable destruction and the slow wear and tear of the soul through countless cycles of death and resurrection.

In such a land, your destiny is whatever you make of it.

Now, leave it there in the comments: What do you think of New World? Did you find Platinum? Do you have enough Azoth in your inventory? You can enjoy and read more about MMOs is about N on our website.

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