Best Speedster Builds in Pokémon Unite

Go fast towards your goals, collect buffs and attack your enemies before they even know what's happening

Speed ​​is not uncommon for Pokémon, so having fast Pokémon in the game and speedster builds in Pokémon Unite is not surprising. Here the business is to chase the fugitives, attack fast and get out before they can return damage. The middle path, filled with wild Pokémon to be captured, is their “happiness path”. You should focus on collecting as many of them as possible to help your team and knock out your opponents whenever possible.

Speedsters are high-speed Pokémon, perfect for scoring points. Players must their quick attacks to move quickly from one end of the battle arena to the other. They have greater mobility than any Pokémon role in the game. This makes them good at dodging attacks, scoring and confusing enemies. On the other hand, they don't have as much HP or Toughness as other roles, so they shouldn't try to fight other Pokémon alone.

If you want to be the big star of the match and get the most knockouts, maybe the speedster role isn't for you. Here, you'll be the one who walks the furtive paths, passing fast and unnoticed by enemies to achieve your goals. Go through the shadows and leave the spotlight for the attackers. But, of course, if you want to “hit and run” and thus do a series of quick knockouts, so can you. You have the speed for it.

Pokémon speedster builds
Fast Pokemons Are Dangerous Enemies

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Quick FAQ

How do you earn Pokémon Unite?

Your team wins in Pokémon Unite by scoring the most goals, not defeating their opponents' Pokémon.

What Pokemons are available in Unite?

Blastoise, Blissey, Gardevoir, Zeraora, Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax among others. See the full list in the Pokémon Unite article.

Is Pokémon Unite free to play?

Pokémon Unite is free for everyone and offers cross-platform gameplay between Nintendo Switch and mobile.

What is a Multipurpose Pokémon?

A Polyvalent Pokémon is a Pokémon with both defensive and offensive abilities and abilities.

What is the best way for speedster pokemons in Pokemon Unite

The speedster is equivalent to the “jungler” in other MOBA, so it is recommended to use the middle path.

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Speedster Builds in Pokémon Unite

If you've played other MOBAs, Speedsters, or Sprinters, are essentially the 'Junglers' of Pokémon Unite. Use your high damage and incredible mobility to collect buffs from various wild Pokémon on the central path, while simultaneously jumping between the upper and lower paths to do some knockouts and get away before enemies attack you. This is arguably the most complex role in Pokémon Unite and takes a lot of practice to perfect, but if you get good at it, it will be like a lightning bolt that passes through the middle of the arena leaving a trail of destruction in its path.

Gengar (special melee attacks)

Gengar is one of the playable characters in Pokémon Unite that most frightens enemies, and not because he's a ghost. Gengar is fast, powerful, and can take down a solo Pokémon with ease. While not a good choice for beginners, a Gengar in the hands of an experienced player is deadly.

gengarBest Build
MovementsShadow Ball (Lv 5): Throws a ball of black energy that deals damage to an enemy, slowing their movement speed and defense Sp for a short period of time.
Dream Eater (Lv 7): Hitting a Pokémon with the attack puts it into a sleep stage. If the attack hits again, the Pokemon sneaks up behind the enemy and attacks, dealing damage and healing the user.
Loaded ItemsWise Glass: Increases Gengar's Attack Sp.
Shell bell: Increases Attack Sp and Damage, decreases cooldown and restores health when you hit an ability.
Scoop Lens: Increases Critical Strike Damage and Critical Strike Rate for basic attacks.
battle itemAtthrough X: Deals great burst damage, temporarily increasing Attack Sp.
PathQuite: Focus on getting wild Pokémon buffs and assisting between the upper and lower paths.

Absol (physical melee attacks)

Much like Gengar, Absol is an incredibly technical and dominant speedster. With remarkable mobility and aggressive lunge attacks, enemy players will have a hard time escaping their clutches. This is a solid choice for players who like to chase their prey.

AbsolutelyBest Build
MovementsPursuit (Level 5): Charge against an opposing Pokémon and attack with a basic attack. If this move hits from behind, it increases damage and reduces cooldown.
Psycho Cut (Level 7): A large slashing attack that damages the enemy and slows down their movement speed. It also increases the power of your next three basic attacks.
Loaded ItemsMuscle band: Increases Attack and Basic Attack Speed.
attack weight: Increases the Pokemon's Attack and increases Attack after scoring a goal.
Scoop Lens: Increases Critical Strike Damage and Critical Strike Rate for basic attacks.
battle itemEject Button: Makes the Pokemon advance towards the target. Makes it almost impossible to escape from Absol.
PathQuite: Focus on getting wild Pokémon buffs and assisting between the upper and lower paths.

Talonflame (physical melee attacks)

Talonflame is an ideal choice for players new to the Speed ​​role. With solid attack, mobility, and escape opportunities, this firebird is a well-balanced, easy-to-use Pokémon. Its increased movement speed also allows for quick assistance on the track.

talonflameBest Build
MovementsFlame Charge (Lv 5): Fly in the designated direction engulfed in flames, damaging any enemy Pokémon caught along the way. This also increases the Talonflame's movement speed.
Brave Bird (Lv 7): Jumps to an opponent, dealing massive damage. It also inflicts damage on the user. Using a boosted attack right after that resets the cooldown to Flame Charge.
Loaded ItemsMuscle band: Increases Talonflame's attack and basic attack speed.
Float stone: Increases movement speed by 15% when out of combat and increases Talonflame's base Attack.
Scoop Lens: Increases Critical Strike Damage and Critical Strike Rate for basic attacks.
battle itemSpeed ​​X: Grants the user a temporary speed boost.
PathQuite: Focus on getting wild Pokémon buffs and assisting between the upper and lower paths.

Zeraora (physical melee attacks)

This Speedster is an absolute “speed demon”. Zeraora sacrifices some attack-centric abilities for one of the most mobile kits in Pokémon Unite. Some of the pursuit skills are certainly harder to master, but with a little practice, you'll be an opponent who will command respect in the game.

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ZeraoraBest Build
MovementsSpark (Lv 6): An electric attack that can be used three times before going into cooldown. Deals damage if connecting with an enemy.
Wild Charge (Lv 8): Jump over an enemy to unleash a devastating combo attack. Hitting the opposing Pokémon with Spark before this attack increases the duration of the combo.
Loaded ItemsMuscle band: Increases Zeraora's Attack and Basic Attack Speed.
Float stone: Increases movement speed by 15% when out of combat and increases Zeraora's Basic Attack.
Leftovers: Regenerates the Pokémon's health while out of combat.
battle itemAttack X: A powerful tool that increases Attack and Attack Sp for a short period of time.
PathQuite: Focus on getting wild Pokémon buffs and assistance between the two lanes.

Get Ready For Pokémon Unite Battles

Pokémon Unite is an online multiplayer battle arena game, or MOBA, with battles between two teams of five players. The game map is divided into two parts, with several points that must be controlled by the players. Players score points for their team by defeating “wild” Pokémon that appear across the field, capturing them and heading towards one of the opposing team's “goals” to score points. Each match is limited to 10 minutes and the team with the highest total score at the end of each match wins the match.

Players start each game controlling low-level base Pokémon that can level up and learn new combat moves as they win battles and evolve. They are divided into five types of “classes”: Attackers, Defenders, Supports, Versatiles and Speedsters. The game includes a unique “Unite move” mechanic for each Pokémon character. Pokémon Unite is available for Nintendo SwitchAndroid iOS.

Now, leave in the comments: Which of the tips helped you in the matches? What is your favorite Pokemon? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about Pokémon on our website.

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