See Top Tips for Halo Master Chief Collection

Did you take advantage of the Steam promotion and don't know what to do to start the game? so see these tips

Decided to get the Halo game collection and are looking for tips for Halo Master Chief Collection? Me too and I have also been looking for them. This weekend, on the 16th and 17th, Steam decided to place Halo The Master Chief Collection as one of the games for you to play and discover, in addition to giving a 50% discount. It's still not the discount that many expected, but it's a good opportunity for those who don't want to wait until the Summer Sale. Also, the game has never been cheaper than that on PC, according to exophase site.

So this is as good an opportunity as any to have seven Halo games remastered for less than R$70.

In addition to being seven Triple A games for, practically, R$ 10 each, we are talking about one of the biggest FPS that innovated in several aspects of the genre, and one of the cornerstones of Microsoft consoles and delivers an incredible science fiction story that rivals even Mass Effect for being the best sci-fi and action game. Also, if you have a Windows 10, Cortana, the game's famous artificial intelligence, is there with you right now.

Tips for halo master chief collection
Tips for Halo Master Chief Collection

Tips for Halo Master Chief Collection

So if you are in need of tips to get started, you are not very familiar with FPS, then you are in the right place. Halo has a great story and you can prepare for Halo Infinity coming soon. Now, if you don't mind the Campaign, Halo is one of the most influential games in multiplayer history, being played to this day by thousands of players. Finding an online match of any of the seven games won't be hard for you, especially now that it's had this promotion on Steam.

So now it's up to you. Grab your helmet and go to combat, Spartan. These Covenants will not kill themselves.

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Skip In-Game Download

Before starting, an important tip that consumed me a few hours and only after some research was that I was able to start playing! When you install the Master Chief Collection, the first thing that comes up is a kind of “Launcher” of the games. You still don't have any games on your PC and you can't play until you download the games individually. The good part is that you can download only what interests you, be it the Campaign or the multiplayer component, individually, besides being able to download the games separately.

When doing this, don't do it inside the “launcher”, as it will always ask for a “missing component” and you never know what it is. Also, it downloads one component at a time, even if you tell it to download multiple things at the same time. Ignore this launcher and go to your game Steam page and find the “Additional Content Manager” and there mark what you want to download. Then you will be able to play the game.

Use additional content manager
Use Additional Content Manager

aim for the head

Headhunters need to play this collection. Hitting a shot in the head compared to a shot in the body is such a difference between day and night. The amount of damage inflicted by a headshot makes this part of a covenant's body a worthy target. Whether you're using a short-range weapon like the SMG, or a medium-range or long-range rifle (which makes the situation more fun), headshots do significantly more damage.

If the target is unarmored, a headshot results in an instant kill. Headshots are difficult because of the size of the target, but professional players make it look easy. If that's your case, good hunting.

go after the powerful weapons

Using the most powerful weapons in the game is to your advantage. Unless you're in a game where players come up with powerful weapons, it's worth looking for them. The sniper rifle is a powerful weapon with the potential to kill with one blow. Other powerful weapons found in Halo The Master Chief Collection are the Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, SAW, Spartan Laser, Incineration Cannon and Gravitational Hammer. In preference to these weapons, go after these and be happy killing covenant or other players.

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Take the entire Halo collection home and experience one of the greatest sci-fi gaming adventures of all time

Know the map layout

In Halo Master Chief Collection, players can switch between Halo generations without notice. One second you'll play Halo 4, Exile map, and the next, you'll return to Blood Gulch for an iconic match.

The common theme across all Halo maps is that you need to know them inside and out. Exploring in Forge mode or studying the tactical moves of top-tier players, you can climb the Halo rank to become a master class player in no time.

Go in search of the objective

Playing the goal is an essential part of playing Halo. Capture the Flag is one of the most popular modes, but many players tend to lose sight of the objective. If you keep playing the objective, you can win, rank higher, and receive unlockable items. So, if the goal is “Catch the flag”, go get the flag! This will count as much or more as the number of kills at the end of the match.

It's a little different than what I expected

If you're playing Slayer or Team Slayer, game modes where kill count is important, look at your kill ratio. Simply getting plenty of kills won't help if you die often.

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Melee attacks do considerable damage.

Keep in mind that melee attacks are a powerful gameplay mechanic that inflicts massive damage. Know when to use melee attacks and when to pull the trigger. Melee attacks remove an enemy's shield when he doesn't have an Overshield or other assists.

A melee attack from behind is usually an instant kill. If the distance between you and the enemy is too great, avoid melee attacks that might work against you. Don't underestimate the power of a good punch, even if it's an FPS. A plasma blade can be as lethal as a headshot.

Spartans, what is your profession?

throw grenades

Using grenades takes considerable practice, especially if you want to hit an enemy with a plasma grenade. In Halo The Master Chief Collection, players use grenades of various types such as Plasma Grenade, Frag Grenade and Pulse Grenade. The grenade's blast radius has been nerfed, making them more and less effective. You get grenades when you finish in most matches, so why not throw them? Know when to hold them and when to play them.

In the campaign, they're useful against enemies with shields who don't exactly know whether to take cover or run away, and until they decide, they've already exploded in their backs, so take advantage of that.

Armor abilities

The developers of Halo: Reach were the first to introduce perks called Armor Skills into the franchise. Armor skills add a new layer of depth to Halo The Master Chief Collection gameplay. Now that Halo: Reach is part of the Halo collection, Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians aren't the only games with this feature. When the odds are low and you're running out of options, armor abilities can turn the tide of a match.

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Halo is by no means a stealth-based game, but it does contain stealth elements. Leaving aside the more apparent stealth mechanic, Active Camouflage, it is possible to stealthily defeat an enemy. The Energy Sword could reveal its location in previous Halo games, but that has since changed.

Keep an eye on your radar and make sure the yellow dot isn't flashing. Stay hidden from the radar by crouching. Depending on the size of the map, this is a highly effective strategy.

In Campaign, let the NPC drive

One thing that has helped me with Halo: Reach is simply letting NPCs take the wheel of cars. The drivability of the vehicles, for me, at least, is pretty bad, far surpassing the famous Mako in Mass Effect, being difficult to steer and turn. For me, it's been much better to just let the NPCs take the wheel and guide me to the next objective.

legendary mass effect
The Mass Effect Mako

In addition to saving me from trying to steer vehicles, it helps me reach the goal more easily and allows me to use car weapons, kill dozens of enemies and save my ammo. When you're lost in an objective, hop on the gun of a car and it's quite possible for the NPC to guide you there.

Play other first person shooter games

By playing other games in the first person, you can increase your skill level in Halo. The Doom franchise has multiplayer modes that heavily inspired the Halo series, although the same can be said for the more current versions of Bethesda's FPS series. Learning fundamental skills in other first-person shooters can translate to victories in Halo The Master Chief Collection.

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Vehicles are powerful weapons

As the series progresses, we are continually being introduced to revolutionary vehicles. Some quality examples in the car, motorcycle and tank category include the Mantis, Wraith, Banshee and the now rideable Pelican. Like energy weapons, Halo vehicles are of vital importance.

The Warthog is a fast attack vehicle manufactured by the Armed Forces of the United Nations Space Command. There are variants of the Warthog, but it is undeniable that the M12 Warthog is the most ubiquitous. Remember, vehicles exist for more than transportation. And, as stated above, if you're in the campaign, leave the wheel to the NPCs themselves.

Prepare for war, Spartan

Halo The Master Chief Collection is a compilation of Halo games. The collection was developed by 343 Industries in partnership with other studios and was published by Xbox Game Studios. The collection features Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo: Reach and Halo 4, which were originally released on earlier Xbox platforms.

Each game in the Master Chief Collection has received a graphical update, with Halo 2 receiving a complete high definition reworking of its audio and cutscenes that are unique to the collection. The game also includes a live-action series called Halo: Nightfall. The collection's multiplayer mode features all maps originally released with each game, including six Halo 2 maps remade from scratch. The game is available for the Xbox One, PC and gained an improved version was released for the Xbox Series X and Xbox series s.

Now, leave it in the comments: did you like these tips? Has anyone helped you at any time? Do you have any tips you want to share? Talk to us and enjoy to read more about games from PC e Xbox da Microsoft and also about Halo e FPS on our website.

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