What is the best Warzone MP5?

What better MP5 Warzone? Since the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare era, the MP5 submachine gun has been a fan favorite thanks to its ease of use and lightweight mobility.

When Call of Duty: Warzone was first released, the MP5 (MW) (not to be confused with Cold War MP5s) was one of the best weapons in the game, but it was later outdated after substantial updates and Black Ops integration Cold War Firearms. Well, what's old is new again, and the MP5 (MW) is once again the queen of short-range SMGs.

This weapon was never bad, but now that many of the best SMGs in the game have been nerfed, including the MP5 (CW), the MP5 (MW) is the flagship for close use. To get the most out of this high-damage weapon, you'll want to equip the best accessories that suit your playing style. But how should you build it? And what advantages/equipment should you use? We'll respond to all of that and more in this guide.

Here we will tell you the best MP5 Warzone according to your playing style.

best warzone mp5
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Best MP5 Warzone: Overview

Let's first take a look at how this weapon works before we get into the best MP5 Warzone compilations. You will want to be aware of what the MP5 (MW) can and cannot do to see if it suits you. As the MP5 (MW) is an SMG, you won't be able to take down enemies at long range. According to the TrueGameData, after about 21 feet or so, the weapon loses power significantly, so you'll want to keep your engagements within that range to stand a chance.

Where this weapon really shines is within 10 meters. In fact, if you compare it to many of the best SMGs in the game, including the MAC-10, PPSh-41, Milano 821 and LC10, the MP5 (MW) comes out on top when used within 10 meters. It has a baseline time to kill (TTK) of 526 ms and is basically second only to the OTs 9 (although this weapon is even worse than the MP5 at range, so it's a trade-off).

The other quirk with the MP5 (MW) is that it ends up in 45 cartridges, which isn't terrible, but a far cry from the massive 71-cartridge mags of the PPSh-41 and the 85-cartridge mags of the Bullfrog. Because of that, you'll want to be smart about challenging multiple opponents at the same time. It's recommended to face a maximum of three enemies at once, simply because you'll likely get caught reloading in the middle of a clash with larger squads.

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Short range

best warzone mp5

Barrel: Subsonic Integral Suppressor

Laser: Laser Tac

Stock: FTAC Collapsible

Ammunition: 45 round mags

Back handle: Stippled Grip Tape

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For the first best MP5 Warzone, let's dive into the best short-range build. This will maximize the effectiveness of your performance within this 10 meter range. Start with the Subsonic Integral Suppressor barrel, a unique accessory that not only increases Aim Speed ​​(ADS) but also prevents it from appearing on the minimap when shooting. Normally, you would have to use two accessories to achieve this effect, but the Integral Subsonic Suppressor is essentially two for the price of one.

After that, we suggest going with the Tac Laser, which also improves the speed of the ADS, along with the stability of the sight and firmness of the sight when walking. Having fast ADS speeds is key to a short range build like this best MP5 Warzone. Then equip FTAC Collapsible Stock to improve movement speed and ADS, at the expense of recoil control. Since you should only use this weapon within 10 meters, having less recoil control isn't such a big deal.

Regardless of build, we always recommend coming equipped with 45 bullet cartridges to allow you to face multiple enemies at the same time. Finish the weapon with the Rear Fist with Stippled Grip Tape to increase ADS speed and sprint-to-fire speed. When using this weapon, you will be quick and be able to aim quickly, giving you the advantage at close range.

When it comes to secondary weapons, we recommend bringing some kind of explosive, like the RPG-7 or the Strela-P. If you plan on using the Overkill perk (more on this below) to get a second primary weapon, you should go with a ranged assault rifle like the FARA 83 or even a sniper.

As for perks, there's not much room for experimentation here – our perks are typically EOD or Quick Fix for the first slot, Ghost or Overkill for the second slot, and Amped for the third slot. If you're on the Isle of Rebirth, you can use the Tracker perk to temporarily see the enemy's footsteps on the ground, but other than that, Amped is generally the best choice for the third slot in the best short-range MP5 Warzone.

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Semtex grenades or molotovs are great lethal gear, but lately we've gravitated towards throwing knives, which quickly allow you to take out a downed player without the need to waste ammo on them. And, of course, stuns or a heart rate sensor are solid choices for tactical equipment.

medium range

best warzone mp5

Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor

Mira: APX5 Holographic Sight

Underbarrel: Foregrip Commando

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Ammunition: 45 Round Mags

Back handle: Rubberized Grip Tape

How about a mid-range option for the best Warzone MP5? Well, as we've already covered, this weapon isn't great at longer ranges, but if you stay within 20 meters, you can still keep up with the MP5 (MW). For this build, switch to Monolotic Integral Suppressor Barrel. This will prevent you from appearing on the minimap while improving projectile speed.

Remember that bullet speed is how fast a bullet travels – which affects how much you need to lead your shots. The higher the speed of the bullet, the less you will have to aim in front of your target. For a mid-range build, this is essential.

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As you will be using this weapon at medium range, we recommend using a crosshair. The weapon's iron sight isn't terrible, but having a little zoom will increase your chances at medium range. We like the APX5 Holographic Vision sight, but choose the one you find most comfortable. Also, be sure to customize the crosshair to your preference when using a crosshair.

To ensure your weapon is stable at 20 meters, it is highly recommended to switch to Commando Foregrip. This gives your weapon better recoil stabilization and aim stability, which are essential for mid-range battles. Keep the 45-cartridge magazines, as always, and equip the Rear Grip with rubberized Grip Tape for improved recoil control. With this build, you'll have the absolute best possible recoil control for the best mid-range Warzone MP5.

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Since this MP5 (MW) build is good for mid range, you'll want to bring a secondary weapon with you that works well from a distance, like an LMG or a light sniper. We've been loving the Swiss K31 lately, but there are plenty of ranged weapons to choose from in the Assault Rifle or LMG categories. If you don't plan on using Overkill, stick with RPGs or Strela.

The perk setup will basically be the same with this loadout, although we advise choosing the Quick Fix perk if you are playing on Rebirth Island. This starts health regeneration immediately and since Rebirth is so hectic, you will quickly reap the benefits of this perk. Other than that, stick with Ghost/Overkill and Amped.

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Your gear setup shouldn't change much either, but if you're in Verdansk, you might benefit more from semtex grenades than throwing knives, and a stun instead of the heart rate sensor. It all comes down to playing style and personal preferences.

any range

What is the best warzone mp5? | c0638b93 any range | married games tips/guides | activion, battle royale, call of duty, call of duty warzone, cod, console, pc, warzone | best mp5 warzone

Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor

Laser: Laser Tac

Mira: Solozero Optics Mini Reflex

Underbarrel: Foregrip Command

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Ammunition: 45 round mags

Finally, we will cover a full version of the best Warzone MP5. This is our personal favorite because it works well in many situations with versatility. She won't dominate at medium range, but will defend against others who use similar weapons. For this loadout, start with the Monolithic Integral Suppressor barrel as before. This will make the weapon effective at medium range.

Then switch back to the Tac Laser to increase ADS speed, aiming for stability, and aim steadily as you walk. This will offset part of the penalty from the previous attachment, balancing the speed of the ADS. We are not fans of MP5 iron sights (MW), so we used the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex sight with this build. It's a clear sight that makes it easy to line up a shot from close to mid range. If you like the iron sight, save this accessory for something like a Grip or Stock.

Follow this up with the Foregrip Underbarrel Command for a boost in recoil control. This will help you once again in a medium range, as the MP5 (MW) has moderate recoil. And, as always, be sure to use the 45 round magazines with this weapon to ensure you have as much ammo as possible before you need to reload.

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For best results in the best MP5 Warzone, we recommend using Overkill to bring a ranged weapon with you, such as the Kar98k or Swiss K31. If you're not a fan of snipers, you should have something that works well from a distance, like Krig 6, Stoner 63 or FARA 83. Otherwise, stick with your trusted RPGs.

The recommended advantages are the same as above.

As this is a versatile build, you have a little more flexibility with your gear, so bring the throwing knife, molotovs or semtex grenades and stun or a heart rate sensor.


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