How to use sharks in Fortnite and not be attacked

Fortnite Chapter 2 added a lot of new content to the map. One of these new additions comes in the form of sharks or Loot Sharks. They are exactly what you think they are. Loot Sharks are giant, scary sharks that roam the waters around Fortnite Island. There are several ways to interact with them, as long as you are not eaten by them.

Players can attack the shark and obtain items. Sharks can also be driven like a vehicle with a fishing rod. Players can even feed sharks with items, making their bodies glow in the color of the item's rarity. Sharks are ready and willing to jump out of the water and attack when they feel threatened. But now in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, there is a surefire way to stop the shark from attacking.

How to deal with sharks in fortnite
How To Use Sharks In Fortnite And Not Get Attacked | epic games store, fortnite | sharks

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Weapon to prevent a shark attack

The partnership between Fortnite and Marvel Comics will be very useful for that. In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4, new Mythical weapons with a Marvel theme have been added to the game. Some of these weapons belong to Doctor Victor Von Doom. Doctor Destino took over Pleasant Park, naming it as the Domain of Destiny. He and his henchman patrol the site as NPC enemies, ready to attack players in sight. Players need to go to this location and prepare for battle.

Doctor Doom can be defeated and when that happens, he drops some useful items. One is the key card for your safe, filled with a variety of wonderful treats. The others, however, are the mythical weapons mentioned earlier. Arcane Gauntlets allow players to fire blasts of energy at opponents. To stop shark attacks, however, the second Mythic weapon will need to be purchased. That weapon is Doctor Doom's Mythic Bomb.

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Preventing shark attack in Fortnite

A user of the Reddit showed the strategy to prevent the attack with a simple clip. The player started a fight with a shark that quickly started to attack. The shark accelerated towards the land and launched itself against the player. While this was happening, the player loaded Doctor Doom's Mythic Bomb and launched.

Shark attack being prevented

When the shark flew through the air and approached the player, the Mythic Bomb was launched. He hit the shark, causing a great deal of damage and knocking it back where it came from. The shark's attack was stopped by Doctor Doom's Mythic weapon, causing the shark to simply return to the water. But surely the player and the shark were ready for the second round.

Have you ever been attacked by a shark in Fortnite?

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