A Year Of Rain, participate in the closed beta!

A year of rain, join the closed beta! | 1 1 | a year of rain news

Year Of Rain had ended its beta phase, but due to the great interest and request from fans, developer Daedalic Entertainment decided to give players the opportunity again to test their new game over the next three weeks.

Players can register for the chance to participate in the closed beta at: https://beta.ayearofrain.com

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About A Year Of Rain

Daedalic also revealed new information about the four new heroes of Casa Rupah, one of the three playable factions in A Year Of Rain. Firstly, the leader of the “Lord Jaidee Rupah” faction (only playable in campaign mode) is skilled with his sword and a master of conviction and influence. "Ranger Morrig Fogvale" is a northern dwarf and a skilled hunter who is not afraid of death. “Paladin Killian Morningview” is a veteran of many battles, marked by the scars on his body and soul. "Spark Mage Shen the Scarred" is dedicated to the element of fire, leaving your enemies unrecognizable after the battle.

You can see House Rupah and the second faction, already introduced, The Restless Regiment, in action at the Undead Champs Tournament Grand Final, which will be broadcast on September 28th. Wardiii on Twitch. Just as the previous rounds of the competitive series can be assisted by VOD on official website.

A year of rain, join the closed beta! | 1 1 | a year of rain news
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Year Of Rain combines classic elements of real-time strategy with a strong focus on team game units and heroes. The game's cooperative campaigns and online and offline modes are designed with a team of two players. As soon as the classic 2v2 Skirmish mode was developed for competitive matches from the beginning and is already being tested by the best strategy players in the world. In fact Against the Odds mode of the game is an innovation in the genre, where two lone heroes face two entire armies in a battle for survival. The game will enter early PC access in 2019, distributed on Steam.

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