Call of Duty Warzone and the Real World Map

The investigation by many community members concluded that Verdansk is located in Ucrania . In particular in Donetsk , city in the border country with Russia that since 2014 has faced a war in the region to which it belongs.

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Cod warzone x real world
call of duty Warzone vs Real World

Call of Duty Warzone - stadium

The first element of the game that makes us suspicious of Verdansk's inspiration in Donetsk is the stadium . It is probably one of the most important elements of the war zone map and the external view reveals a close connection with the Donbass Arena . Both the interior and the surroundings of the stadium are very similar to the local fiefdom of the Shakhtar Donetsk , the local team.

Stadium | call od duty warzone
Stadium | Call of Duty Warzone
Donbass arena | real world
Donbass Arena | Real world

Call of Duty Warzone - Donetsk Airport

Donetsk airport it was completely destroyed during the actual conflicts in the Donbass War, but it looked very similar to the one recreated on the Warzone map. 

Verdansk airport
Verdansk Airport
Call of duty warzone donetsk airport remains
Donetsk airport remains

Call of Duty Warzone - Control Tower

War zone control tower
War zone control tower
Real world control tower
Real world control tower

One of the biggest differences between this Warzone and the old one Blackout that came with Black Ops is that the environment looks less artificial. The areas less inspired by Donetsk still look real, as they are located in other parts of Ukraine. Some, like the pool, appear to have been taken from the Chernobyl himself and that is, because ... well, they were taken from Chernobyl himself.

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Warzone pool
Warzone Pool

The Reddit user found that the abandoned indoor pool in the game was almost identical to the pool in Chernobyl, and after inspecting the images side by side, the attention to detail is incredible.

I visited Chernobyl a few weeks ago and found the plunge pool to be empty. Today I found exactly the same pool in Warzone. Even the exterior of the building is the same. I have more photos of the area, if anyone is interested ”

posted the user on r / CODWarzone.
Chernobyl pool | real world
Chernobyl Pool | Real world

What did you think of this CoD Warzone inspiration? Comment if you thought it looked like the real world

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