CCXP Releases 4 Chapter Documentary About Artists' Valley

Road to Artists' Valley addresses the growing importance of the area that brings together fans and artists and that has established itself as an important platform for the comic book market in the country

CCXP launched on its Youtube and Twitch channel, the first chapter of the documentary Road to Artists' Valley. Divided into four episodes, the video tells how the area that unites fans and comic artists, writers, designers and illustrators and how it became, in a few years, one of the most wanted and sought after spaces at CCXP. The chapters will go through the artists' history, about the experience that the fan seeks, the organization's work to bring about this union between fan and idol, and what the future of Artists' Valley post-pandemic is.

The documentary highlights the characteristics of this area that is at the genesis of the comic cons – a simplification of the original 'comic book conventions', or 'comic book conventions' - and which saw its importance challenged as the great comic cons started to add other pop culture content – ​​cosplay, cinema, tv, board games etc. “The Artists' Valley is the heart of CCXP, both geographically for being located in the center of the pavilion where the event takes place, and for the interest of fans, the power of national production and the very importance of comics within pop culture. the documentary Road to Artists' Valley comes to record and publicize what makes this space so relevant for all of us”, highlights Ivan Costa, founding partner of CCXP and curator of Artists' Valley.

Ccxp launches documentary
CCXP releases documentary about the artists at the event

CCXP Releases Free Documentary on the Web

The main objective of the documentary is to introduce the fan to the history, photos, videos and backstage of the space's growth. 25 artists and professionals from the market participate in the episodes, among them: Sidney Gusman, Fábio Moon, Paulo Moreira, Germana Viana, Alice Pereira, Frank Quitely and Estevão Ribeiro. It is worth noting that the Artists' Alley of CCXP Worlds 2020 brought together more than 600 artists. This year, the space is sponsored by Santander, making this documentary possible.

Artists' Alley is also marked by plurality and diversity. In 2021, 40,8% of Artists' Valley by Santander exhibitors said they identified themselves under the acronym LGBTQIAPN+ and the participation of women (cis and trans) at the CCXP's virtual tables will exceed 42% of the total number of participating artists – in the edition previous year, they represented 36,4% and, in 2019, 33%.

As a celebration, Artists' Valley inspires many comic artists to take plans off the paper and start writing once the space has a great mix of audiences. From fans who wait all year to interact with the artist, to cosplayers who go to the fair and the public interested in other areas of the event, it is correct to say that this is the most democratic space in the event, with the high point of the fan experience to the find and buy an autographed copy directly from the hand of your idol, in addition to the possibility of meeting other creators and new works, expanding your repertoire.

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The second and third episodes will air during CCXP Worlds 21, which takes place on December 4th and 5th, while the final chapter will air on December 11th. “It's an opportunity to check out key moments, stories, people, characters, icons and much more about this fascinating world of comics in an area of ​​the event that is one of the most sought after and best evaluated by visitors”, concludes Costa.

 Check out the first chapter here

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In 2020, CCXP Worlds: A Journey of Hope welcomed 3,5 million people in its first year in the virtual format due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With a reach to 139 countries and more than 30 million views on live stages, the event broke records and once again established itself as the biggest pop culture festival on the planet. This year's edition takes place on December 4th and 5th. Talk to us in the comments and let us know if you like this news and take the opportunity to read more News on our website.

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