Battlefield 2042 will have crossplay but no crossgen

Crossplay Battlefield 2042: This Tuesday (14), the developer DICE, who is working together with Eletronic Arts in the development of Battlefield 2042, released news regarding the game that will be released on October 22 this year. Among the highlights, good news and sad news: the good news is that the game will have crossplay, cross-progression and cross-commerce, the bad news is that it won't have cross-gen, that is, players from Xbox One e Playstation 4 will not be able to play with the players of Xbox Series S / X, Playstation 5 e PC.

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Crossplay Battlefield 2042: Will not have crossgen

It was already expected that the game would really have the crossplay system and not cross-gen, due to the demands of the community and also to accompany its rival Call of Duty, but it has only now been made official. This is due to the scaling differences between the new generation consoles and the old one. For those who stayed on our site, I heard that the old-gen consoles will be able to enter lobbies with up to 64 players, while the new-gen consoles support up to 128 players simultaneously.

On the other hand, fans of the franchise will have cross-progression, being able to migrate from one console to another, or PC, without losing their progress within the game.

Alongside cross-play, we're also building cross-progression and cross-commerce for Battlefield 2042, which will be shared across all platforms and will travel with you wherever you go. For example, your unlocked progress and purchases made on your PlayStation version will be carried over to the Xbox or PC version, and vice versa.

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Crossplay Battlefield 2042: Will not have crossgen

Similar to its predecessors, Battlefield 2042 is a first person shooter with a focus on multiplayer. As the game takes place in the near future, it features futuristic weapons and devices such as deployable turrets and drones, as well as vehicles that players can command. Players can now request an airdrop of the vehicle to any location. 

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The game also features a new “Plus” system that allows players to customize their weapons on the spot. The class system has been significantly revised. Players can choose to take control of an expert who fits into the four traditional battlegrounds Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon gameplay classes. 

These characters can wield all the weapons and devices that players have unlocked. Each of them also has their own unique abilities and devices. For example, one of the specialists is equipped with a wingsuit, while another is equipped with a healing pistol. The game will be released with 10 experts. Battlefield 4's evolutionary and destructive environments make a comeback in Battlefield 2042 and include extreme weather effects such as tornadoes and sandstorms that can send players into a vortex and dramatically reduce visibility, respectively.

The game features three main game modes. “All-Out Warfare” encompasses “Breakthrough” and “Conquest”, two basic modes of the series. In Conquest, two teams fight each other to capture control points. Once control points in a sector are captured, the team will control that sector. In Breakthrough, one team must try to capture another team's control points, while another team must defend them. Both modes can be played with and against artificial intelligence. 

The PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S Series versions support 128 players, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions only support 64 players. Other modes included in the game include Hazard Zone, a cooperative multiplayer mode, and a third mode yet to be announced, developed by DICE LA and described as a "love letter to fans"

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