Dragon Ball The Breakers will have closed beta testing

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. will host Closed Beta Testing sessions for DRAGON BALL THE BREAKERS between December 3rd and 4th, on PC (via STEAM). Players can now register for this test via the link below. 

Spaces are limited so register as soon as possible for a chance to test the game early. More information about Closed Beta Testing and its registration can be found at the link: https://www.bandainamcoent.com/games/dragon-ball-the-breakers

Dragon ball the breakers will have closed beta testing
Dragon Ball The Breakers will have closed beta testing

Closed Beta Testing is designed to gather player feedback to help balance and optimize gameplay. DRAGON BALL THE BREAKERS before its release. We encourage fans to participate and share their thoughts about the game.

Dragon Ball The Breakers will be beta testing. See schedules

  • Session 1: 4 Dec (Sat) 2:00 – 6:00 UTC / 3 Dec (Fri) 23:00 - 03:00 BRT
  • Session 2: 4 Dec (Sat) 12:00 – 16:00 UTC / 4 Dec (Sat) 9:00 – 13:00 BRT
  • Session 3: 4 Dec (Sat) 18:00 – 22:00 UTC / 4 Dec (Sat) 15:00 – 19:00 BRT
  • Session 4: 5 Dec (Sun) 2:00 – 6:00 UTC / 4 Dec (Sat) 23:00 – 03:00 BRT

To check out a more complete gameplay video, visit the YouTube link and understand how video systems work. DRAGON BALL THE BREAKERS

Immersed in references from the rich universe of DRAGON BALL and featuring innovative survival action gameplay, DRAGON BALL THE BREAKERS will be available in the Americas in physical and digital stores for the PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 (Compatible), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S (Compatible), Nintendo Switch and PC platforms via STEAM® in 2022.

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