Nintendo announced Fortnite Switch version

The new Fortnite Switch was announced by Nintendo of Portugal, and is scheduled to hit stores on October 30th.

Epic Games has released several different Fortnite skins that were exclusive to different companies and platforms. It all started with the Twitch Prime skins when Fortnite was gaining popularity, and we had a few different skins that are exclusive to some Samsung device owners.

Nintendo announced fortnite version switch | 96d22b5a naom 5f59eb9858812 | married games news | epic games store, fortnite, nintendo switch | fortnite switch version
Nintendo announced Switch Fortnite version | epic games store, fortnite, nintendo switch | Fortnite version switch

We recently had the launch of the Bhangra Boogie emote exclusively for owners of OnePlus devices. But some rumors say that it will be available in the Fortnite Item Store at some point, but that has not yet materialized.

With the new Fortnite update, we had the news that there is another exclusive Fortnite skin on the way for those who purchase a Nintendo Switch device. 

Nintendo Switch Fortnite version

Like most alternative versions of the console, the Fortnite Switch is quite interesting, full of details and different colors.

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Nintendo announced fortnite version switch | 24fafa26 naom 5f59eb96c5aa0 | married games news | epic games store, fortnite, nintendo switch | fortnite switch version
Fortnite version switch dock

In addition to a new look, players who purchase the new version of the console will also receive exclusive items in the game. We've had some exclusive Nintendo Switch skins before and we still have another one with the Wildcat Nintendo Switch package. 

The package will include a limited edition Nintendo Switch with a unique Fortnite design on the back of the device, a Nintendo Switch dock with a Fortnite design, the Wildcat Fortnite skin (clothing) with two additional styles, Sleek Strike Back Bling with two styles, and 2.000 V-Bucks.

It is a bit confusing to know which regions will receive the new Fortnite Switch, as well as their release dates. It seems that this Wildcat package will not be released in the United States, apparently only a release date for Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The release date for Europe is October 30, while it will be released on November 6 for Australia and New Zealand.

There is still no information on how much this Wildcat package will cost, but we will probably get a price soon with the launch in 7 weeks. The Wildcat Fortnite costume and Sleek Strike back bling have not yet been added to the Fortnite archives as it is still a bit far from launch.

When launch is closer, a Wildcat Fortnite skin and background will be added to the files in a patch update. What did you think of this version of the Nintendo Switch?

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