Free games: 25 best titles available!

If you've played all the games you have in your library and want to save a little money for the incredible releases of 2020, this post is for you! Stay here in the post until the end I guarantee that these free games can surprise you!

FREE Games List!

1 - league of legends

Of course, we couldn't start this list without one of the most popular games in the world! League of Legends is a game MOBA developed by the company Riot Games. The game is a 5v5 multiplayer that really should have its chance in your game library if you have never played before! The game features almost 150 playable champions, each with their own game mechanics, making each game experience unique!

2 - Legends of Runeterra

It may sound like a riot with Riot, but I swear it isn't! Legends of Runeterra is a card game also released by Riot Games, made on top of the universe of Lolzinho. Other alternatives for him would be Hearthstone and Gwent (based on the universe of The Witcher); I chose to put Legends of Runeterra as a new game that proved to be very inviting for new players.

3 - Paladins

This is for you who always had a slightly weaker PC and always wanted to play Overwatch! Paladins is a MOBA game /FPS developed by Hi-Rez Studios. Therefore, the game has several different game modes, and has more than 40 playable characters, so you can find those that best suit your style of play and have many hours of fun! The game can be played competitively, but for that I strongly recommend that you have friends who play with you, because the game community is unfortunately not one of the most pleasant.

4 - Warframe

An absolutely incredible game that deserves to be on that list is Warframe. The game is a multiplayer shoot'n'loot that resembles many features of Destiny and Borderlands. The game can be downloaded on Steam and only features paid visual items, making it not Pay to Win and certainly a lot of fun!

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5 - Counterstrike: Global Offensive

For those who want a good FPS and a competitive game at the same time, CS: GO is the right choice for you. The game launched by Valve in 2012 accumulates a good number of players year after year, who take the game very seriously in their competitive system. In the game, two teams are separated between terrorists and against terrorists, the objective of terrorists is to plant the bomb and that of counter terrorists, to prevent this from happening. The game has its free version and the prime version, which you can buy or end up getting for free when you reach level 21 of the game; The only problem with playing in the non-prime version is the number of possible hackers that may appear during your game.

6 - Dauntless

Dauntless is a multiplayer RPG game inspired by Monster Hunter that brings a cartoon look with incredible monsters to be hunted. You can join a party with 4 players and together, they will hunt a monster that has a lot of life, is agile and strong, but always has its weak point. The game can be downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store.

7 - The Cycle

The Cycle is a game that enjoyed the best of Battle Royale, and joined a totally new proposal that worked very well! In the game, you are a bounty hunter who has to fulfill contracts and escape from an island; On this island, however, you face monsters in PvE to fulfill contracts, and also possible players in PvP for the dispute of a goal. The game has only cosmetic items for purchase with real money, so the experience of one of the free games is not affected

8 - Fortnite

Well, this game needs no introduction. It is a famous Battle Royale game made by Epic Games that exploded in the last year, currently holding the title of the most played game in the world. It is a difficult game, but extremely fun, especially if played with friends.

9 - Valgrave: Immortal Plains

Valgrave is a game that has just come out of its Early Access; Released yesterday (07/02), the game is already with very positive reviews on Steam. The game is a battle royale, but it is focused on combo, so instead of shooting the enemy from a distance, you run at him and beat him with lots of beautiful animations and also magic. VERY cool title that should definitely get your attention.

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10 - Soccer Manager 2020

For soccer lovers who, unfortunately, can no longer access Football Manager, Soccer Manager Ltd, thinking about it, launched its Soccer Manager 2020 game in January. For those who don't know, in the game you are a coach of a team football, which has to give precise instructions to its players, change formation, hire and expel players and much more. The game is very light, running basically on any PC.

11 - Darwin Project

Also launched in 2020, Darwin Project is a battle royale with 10 people, which has the spectator's experience as a differential. How does it work? simple, you can watch a match and vote on whatever happens, causing each player's destiny to change within the arena.

12 - My Friend is a Raven

For you who are looking for a singleplayer game with history, this game is for you. During the game, you play as Lutum, the only survivor of a planet that has been desolated by a plague; Upon returning to his old apartment where he used to live, he finds a sick crow, which causes the plot to be wrapped in puzzles and different endings for the narrative.

13 - Path of Exile

Famous RPG game, which was released in 2013 by Grinding Gear Games. The game gives you a great MMORPG experience, even more for being free! But, as a consequence, the game requires a little of your computer, requiring an intermediate video card and 32gb of available space.

14 - World of Warships

World of Warships is a maritime war simulation game released in 2017 by Wargaming Group Limited. In the game, you have warships, yours and your companions' to find the best strategy and take down enemy ships. As a fun factor, the game fulfills its role, making it win its place on that list!

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15 - Dota 2

Returning to the scene of the MOBA games, of course we cannot leave out the game that was the starting point for everyone else. Dota 2 has the same footprint as LoL, where it has an arena with 5 players for each team, and its goal is to destroy the opponent's base to win the game.

16 - Heavy metal machines

With another MOBA on the list, this time one that is very different from the others. Heavy Metal Machines is a game made by the Brazilian developer Hoplon Infotainment. The game stands out from other MOBAs because the playable characters are actually cars! The game also has championships here in Brazil with prizes, in case you want to try a competitive career! To support the Brazilian game creation, Heavy Metal Machines has a special space in our list of free games!

17 - We Were Here

For you looking for a coop game to play with a friend on the internet, we recommend We Were Here. So, in the game, you and your friend are lost in an abandoned castle, and you have walkie talkies to communicate, one depending on the other to solve the puzzles and leave the castle. Anyway, with a very cool and different cooperative proposal, it is certainly a great purchase for your library of free games for you to put on your list!

18 - Neverwinter

If you play and really like table RPG, more specifically Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is for you. The game was based on D&D books and contains very classic combat elements, great stories, mounts, and everything you could want in a good RPG. Therefore, Neverwinter receives a position with merit in our list of free games!

19 - brawhalla

Brawhalla is a game in the style of Smash, but with animated graphics and great gameplay, making it great fun for you and your friends! The game can be found on Steam for download and accepts online and local coop.

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20 - Emily is away

Emily is Away is an interactive story game, where you remember MSN times, telling a great story with a nice storyline to pass the time; But be careful! if you're emotional, put a tissue next to you before playing the game!

21 - Magic: The Gathering Arena

The Magic brand has long been loved by many. Therefore, the brand launched its online game, where you can build several decks, and play Magic as if you were at the table with your friend! However, to help, boosters can be purchased with in-game money, making it not Pay To Win.

22 - Apex Legends

Apex Legends was a game that followed the Battle Royales wave and got a really cool fan base, making the game very popular. Therefore, as a differentiator from other battle royales, in this one, each character has their different skills and strategies of how to play; And on that list, he received a special space as one of the most worthwhile free games to check out.

23 - PUBG Lite

To continue the battle royales, we have PUBG Lite, which is nothing more than a more modest version of the original game, which runs on almost any computer; The game has all the features of its older brother, but with very reduced graphics, making it a great candidate on our list of free games.

24 - Smite

Smite is the last MOBA on our list; With a gameplay a little different from its competitors, where you have a third person view and commands by WASD or analog in the case of the control. The playable characters are none other than GODS, making you feel super badass while playing the game.

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25 - Doki Doki Literature Club

Finally, a game that has a suspense for the end as well as this list; Anyway, the game is a visual novel where you have to make one of the characters lost in love with you; But beware, not everything is as it seems!

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