Guardian Tales, the adventure RPG comes to mobile

Guardian Tales is having a collaboration between Kakao Games and Kong Studios. As such, Kakao Games announced that it will publish the next Kong Studios game: Guardian Tales, a mobile game of action and adventure, in pixel-art and multiplayer.

Guardian Tales is a top-down game, in which players immerse themselves in the dungeons as part of an epic quest. But as it is dangerous to go alone, players can also recruit several helpers to help them in combat. In addition, players will be challenged through complex puzzles and boss fights. Guardian Tales also allows players to explore a wide variety of different worlds that pay homage to the rich history of video games that inspired developers to create the game.

Guardian tales and zelda style mobile rpg
Guardian Tales is Zelda style, but mobile


It will be launched gradually in the Canadian market. However, it is already in preparation for a broader launch. The worldwide launch is scheduled for the end of this year on iOS and Android. Vsee the official game page on the Play Store.

The game will be accompanied worldwide by the publisher, having its launch in several phases. For now Guardian Tales is now available on Google Play Canada, with an iOS version coming soon. So it will also be in European countries at a later date.

During this limited release period, developers will focus on fixing bugs and making improvements based on user feedback during that time. These patch updates will be very important during the first days of availability. 

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With the increased focus on mobile games following the success of Black Desert Online, Kakao Games is also consolidating its efforts in Western markets, as a general publisher focused on bringing games of all classes to customers in the European and North American markets. American.

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