The first initiative of Heineken 0.0 in the gaming world has the presentation of Gordox and Victor Ludgero and the presence of names like Yetz, Karol Queiroz, Tony Kanaan, Bia Figueiredo in the dispute. Consumers can enter the tournament for free through the My Heineken app

Heineken 0.0, global sponsor of F1, and five times naming rights of the Brazilian stage in Interlagos, invites game and motorsport fans to participate in the tournament in search of Player 0.0. With the presence of names such as Gordox, Yetz, Karol Queiroz, Bia Figueiredo, Tony Kannan and consumers, the initiative will discover who is the fastest player in Brazil in the 1 Formula 2021 multiplatform videogame game. Produced by BBL and Red Door, the virtual tournament will have several stages and a grand final in person at the Paddock of the Autodromo de Interlagos during the Formula 1 Heineken® São Paulo Grand Prix.

The Player 0.0 competition will be divided into three phases. The first is an open and free national qualifier for all consumers over 25 years of age, in which players will be able to register, through the My Heineken app, their best lap times on the Interlagos circuit present in the F1 2021 and F1 2020 games After that single attempt, the top ten performers will receive a custom gamer kit with Logitech G29 steering wheel, Logitech G733 RGB headset, Lighsync.

And, from that, they will join the grid of the next stage and will compete at a high level and with the same peripherals as the squad of professional gamers and pilots invited by Heineken 0.0, namely: Yetz, Karol Queiroz, Tony Kanaan, Bia Figueiredo , Andreza Delgado, César Ramos, Heey Afro, Bad Driver's Handbook, Unretired Clay and F1 Intern. Registration will be open between 23/10 and 27/10.

Heineken 0

The second stage features three races in Grand Prix mode, with all 20 selected participating in the same track and at the same time, with a finish score. In each of these tests, two competitors will compete in person at the stands set up by Heineken 0.0 in the city of São Paulo, so that whoever is passing through the venue can follow from there. This phase lasts from 03/11 to 09/11. And it will be broadcast entirely with narration and commentary by Gordox and Victor Ludgero on BBL's Twitch.

The final phase of Player 0.0 is the most ambitious and will be starred by the best 3 players in each category, that is, a consumer, a pilot and a gamer. The trio will close the dispute directly from the paddock, on the Interlagos circuit, moments before the Formula 1 Heineken São Paulo Grand Prix stage on 14/11. All the emotions, beats and overtaking of the final two stages can be followed through the Twitch channels of BBL and the guests.

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“Enabling consumers to share a Formula 1 grid with professional drivers and gamers is the first step of Heineken 0.0 within this virtual metaverse that becomes more and more relevant. We are in a new era that allows us to do much more than promote virtual competitions, we want, through the popularization of games, to bring new unique experiences to consumers who love electronic games and our branded platforms like F1", comments Gabriel D 'Angelo Braz, marketing director for the Heineken® brand in Brazil.

To ensure the reach of the championship, democratize access to disputes and bring the gamer culture to a wider audience, making all people responsibly enjoy, and experience together, from their homes, the emotion that will accompany the stages of this tournament, all phases and the best moments will be broadcast via Twitch on the BBL channel and also on the guest channels.

Know where to see HEINEKEN 0.0

“It is a great honor for BBL to be Heineken's strategic partner in this first action in the gaming universe. Developing Player 0.0 was first of all understanding how the experience, always present in the brand's actions, would unite the fans of Heineken, F1 and games, three completely passionate personas. And the result will definitely be a success”, says Maine Gurzoni, BBL's Chief Business Officer & Growth.

“We brought with Heineken 0.0 a new look at F1, where drivers, fans and gamers share the prominence. Extrapolating the walls of the racecourse and retaking both the physical spaces and exploring the metaverse opens a new horizon for this period of post-pandemic recovery”, concludes Guili Alves de Lima, President of Red Door Agency.

Access, registration and content for Player 0.0 is only allowed for people over 25 years old. For more information, visit My Heineken (click here to download the Android app from the Play Store and here for the iOS system in the App Store).

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Check the schedule of steps:

03/11 – Location: Ilha 360 (Rooftop) Time: Countdown starts at 19:30 pm / Stream starts at 20:XNUMX pm

07/11 – Location: Shopping Cidade São Paulo Time: Countdown starts at 15:30 pm / Stream starts at 16:XNUMX pm

09/11 – Location: BBL Arena Time: Countdown starts at 19:30 pm / Stream starts at 20:XNUMX pm

14/11 – Location: Paddock Time: Countdown starts at 11:15 / Stream starts at 11:45

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