Kingdom Hearts: Game could win TV series

Some rumors are pointing to the possibility that Disney is developing an adaptation of the beloved and super popular RPG game Kingdom Hearts for TV. Rumors also suggest that the series would be animated and in development for the Disney + platform catalog somewhere in the future.

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These rumors first appeared on Twitter from the journalist of The Cinema Spot, Emre Kaya. The same, says that Disney went after Square Enix in search of making a pilot of Kingdom Hearts since the live-action of "The house of Mouse's" did not go very well. The story was then confirmed by Skyler Shuler, Disney's editor-in-chief, who then suggested the original voice actors get into the characters.

All of these rumors look great, especially since Kingdom Hearts seems to be a pretty easy project, due to a large fan base and a very rich world and characters; however, it seems quite expensive. It's not as if both Disney and Square Enix didn't have the money to play such a series, and of course, a series is far more appropriate for the game's universe than just a movie. Due to its great cast and charisma, I believe the series could be hugely successful!

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Kingdom Hearts: Game could win TV series | kingdom hearts

About the Kingdom Hearts series

is a series of RPG games developed and published by Square Enix (formerly Squaresoft). It is the result of a collaboration between Square and Disney Interactive Studios and is under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura, a former Square character designer. Kingdom Hearts is a crossover of several Disney creations within a single universe created specifically for the series. In addition, the series features an all-star voice cast that includes official voices from Disney characters. Characters from Square Enix's Final Fantasy series also appear and interact with the player and Disney characters. The series is centered on the main character Sora, her search for her friends and her encounters with Disney characters and final Fantasy, in their respective worlds.

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