Magalu buys Young Nerd

This Wednesday (14), another acquisition for Magazine Luiza was confirmed. This time, Magalu buys the Young nerd, one of the largest multimedia platforms for the geek and nerd audience in Brazil.

With the acquisition, Jovem Nerd joins Canaltech in the geek culture market, which is also part of the company, in addition to further expanding its digital presence. This is the 6th purchase made by Magalu this year alone. The values ​​of the negotiation were not informed. 

This is an extremely valuable purchase to win over the younger audience, as Jovem Nerd has great visibility among this audience.

Young Nerd video about buying Magalu

Young nerd

Magalu buys young nerd
Young nerd and azaghal announcing the sale of the young nerd to magalu

O Young nerd was created 19 years ago, in 2002, by Alexandre Ottoni (Jovem Nerd) and Deive Pazos (Azaghal) to produce diverse content on pop culture (cinema, series, games, among others) in a light and relaxed way, divided into several programs, NerdBunker, NerdOffice, NerdPlayer, NerdCast and Nerdologia (about science).

There are more than 5,5 million subscribers on their YouTube channels, about 3 million on Twitter and more than 1,3 million on Instagram. In 2019, the NerdCast podcast was the first in the country (and third in the world) to surpass the mark of 1 billion downloads. In addition, NerdCast was one of the pioneers of the podcast modality in Brazil, being one of the audience leaders.

What changes

For you who regularly follow the productions of Jovem Nerd, what will change? Well, according to the founders themselves, the biggest change will be in the production of content. For example, the Nerdcast RPG should win more episodes this year (3 episodes, second announcement). 

Another novelty will be the creation of a new podcast, led by Agatha Ottoni and Andreia Pazos (Portuguese), which has already had some episodes recorded. It is still unnamed, which will be decided through a public vote. 

There is also the possibility of two episodes of NerdPlayer per week, which will depend on public feedback, so if you support this idea, run the video that was linked up there and comment!

And there's more! The production of games (videogames and board games) will be carried out by the intellectual property brands of Jovem Nerd, such as Ozob, Ruff Ghanor and Nerdcast RPG Ctulhu. The content of Nerdologia will also be expanded. 

In addition, Jovem Nerd content will be included in the SuperApp Magalu, in order to expand its reach and increase access to the application, which is a win-win situation for both parties. 

According to the video, these changes are just a teaser of what is to come, there is still much more saved in this project in the long term.

What Doesn't Change

In practice, besides the extra content for the public, nothing else will change. 

Jovem Nerd continues with creative freedom and editorial independence, that is, total control of the content to be disseminated, without interference. According to the communiqué itself Jovem Nerd website, this point has been stressed since the beginning of negotiations.

Magalu Buys One More

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What are you looking at? I'll buy you too!

Since last year, Magalu has acquired several companies to increase its digital reach, in addition to encouraging the content of MagaluAds and Magalu As a Service, the company's advertising platforms and marketplace.

According to himself Magazine Luiza website, MagaluAds is a tool to boost sales of partners with non-intrusive ads and “contextualized according to customer navigation”.

The company's main objective would be to become something like the “Brazilian Amazon”, being transformed into a sales ecosystem, in addition to offering services to customers and partners, becoming a digital giant, with several other companies revolving around it.

According to information released by the company, the acquisition of Jovem Nerd is the 6th only this year. Here are the other five Magalu purchases in 2021:

  • Steal the Look, fashion website
  • VipCommerce, e-commerce platform for supermarkets
  • ToNoLucro, delivery application
  • SmartHint, for searching and recommending e-commerce purchases
  • GrandChef, platform for delivery of bars, pizzerias and restaurants

In 2020, more than 20 acquisitions were made, including big names such as the Estante Virtual website. Before that, she also became owner of Netshoes and Zattini.

Magazine Luiza has been part of the Stock Exchange since 2011 on B3's Novo Mercado, being one of the best companies to invest in, in 2019 being awarded the Best Company on the Stock Exchange by the Infomoney website. Luiza Helena Trajano runs the company and is one of the most successful businesswomen today.

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