Magic Championship Final takes place this weekend

World Magic: The Gathering takes place this weekend with Brazilian Paulo Vitor Rosa defending the title

The Magic Championship final will make the community stop this weekend to meet the best player in the most traditional trading card game in the world. From October 8th to 10th, 16 candidates for the title face each other in the Magic World Championship XXVII, a tournament that in 2020 consecrated the Brazilian Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, one of the candidates to win the champion's cup again. The event will be entirely online and will have a total prize pool of US$ 250 (approximately R$ 1,3 million), which will be divided among all participants. The champion will take home a jackpot of US$ 70 thousand (just over R$ 385).

On the eve of the competition, the Brazilian PV, as he is called, says that the preparation was arduous and that he does not see himself as the favorite in the competition. “It's been weeks of pretty intense training, but I don't feel any additional pressure to defend the title. I know it's a tough championship, with the best players in the world, and that's why I see myself as one more in the fight for the podium, like all the other 15”.

magic championship
PVDDR lifts the trophy for its current world title in 2020

Watch the Magic Championship Final on Twitch

During the tournament, players will face off through the MTG Arena, digital version of MTG. The first and second days will be the opening rounds, and the playoffs and the grand final of the tournament will be on Sunday, October 10th. The championship will be broadcast live on the Magic: The Gathering channel on Twitch. In Brazil, the official retransmission of the event will be carried out by League Magic, on the same platform and in Portuguese.

About Magic: The Gathering Arena: Magic: The Gathering Arena is the first game developed in-house at Wizards of the Coast's Digital Games Studio. The studio is creating a Magic experience with all the rules and constant content support for the new card collections, just like the traditional table game. The game was designed and built for the digital environment without compromising the essence of gameplay.

All game design elements are focused on providing a dynamic and engaging experience to provide players and viewers with fast, exciting and hassle-free matches. For more information, visit the official Magic website.

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