Check out what's new in Mario Golf: Super Rush

This Monday (17) the new Mario game for Nintendo Switch Mario Golf: Super Rush won a new trailer with details of the gameplay. Come with me that in this article I will tell you everything!

To start, see the full trailer in English and then follow the translations in the text:

New trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf

Everyone knows that the most charismatic mustachioed plumber in the world and his friends have ventured into the most different sports, launching varied games for a long time. The Mario Golf series is one of the most traditional in the Mario sports saga.

The first Mario Golf was produced by Camelot Software Planning and launched in 1999 initially for the Nintendo 64 console. But this was not the plumber's first time in golf! In 1987, Mario had already participated as a playable character in the NES Open Tournament Golf, so much so that the game became known in Japan as Mario Open Golf.

In NES Open Tournament Golf, not only did Mario participate as the main player, but the second player is represented as Luigi. Also appearing are other characters like Donkey Kong and Princess Peach, as non-playable characters.

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Since then, with the first Mario Golf, five other Mario games related to the sport have been launched, namely, the aforementioned Mario Golf (1999), Mobile Golf (2001), Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (2003), Mario Golf: Advance Tour (2004) and Mario Golf: World Tour (2014).

The platforms on which these games were made available were the most varied, from Famicom / NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and GameCube, to 3DS and, more recently, Nintendo Switch.

Mario Golf: Super Rush, will then be the seventh golf game themed by the mustachioed plumber, produced, as well as the first Mario Golf, by Camelot Software Planning, and published by Nintendo itself. It will be exclusive to the platform Nintendo Switch. The game was announced in February of this year and is already with pre-sales open, being officially launched in June 25.

New Modes

Mario and princess peach taking their shots at the same time in mario golf: super rush speed golf
One of the new modes introduced is Speed ​​Golf

So let's talk about the released trailer. The first novelty is in the game modes, which promise to take the player out of the same shot -> hole and escape from professional terms such as topography and wind speed / direction and focus on uncompromised fun.

The first mode is Speed ​​Golf. In it, you can face up to three friends in a speed battle to see who hits the hole first. Everyone takes the first shot at the same time, then runs to get to their respective balls first. It's a frantic race! On the way, items to restore stamina will be made available. In addition, it will be possible to give special dashs, to overtake or knock down your opponents, and special strokes, anything goes to get there first. And of course, we must not forget the obstacles on the circuit. A mode that promises to be extremely fun and crazy.

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"Each golfer has something special to offer, use this to your advantage and make your rivals eat dust", you can hear in the trailer about Speed ​​Golf mode, and also complete "hitting the ball is just the beginning". Have you ever wanted to play? Because I stayed for sure!

Another way to be presented in the game is Battle Golf. If you like Battle Royale style games, this is the way for you. In theory, it's just Speed ​​Golf with some special rules on one map. There will be nine holes available and for each hole hit the player receives a flag, the first to collect three flags wins! But, of course, there will be many obstacles along the way!

Finally, the Golf Adventure mode is the solo story mode. In it, the player will develop a Mii character in the Mushroom Kingdom. It will be possible to practice techniques, do missions and challenges, even participate in boss fights, level up with experience and improve statistics such as power, stamina, speed, control and spin. You can still use your level Mii in battles against friends.

And, of course, for those who prefer the traditional method of play, it will also be possible to play this way. You can play locally or online with up to three other people in classic versus mode. Controls such as curve shots will be available, which will allow you to bend your ball's trajectory in order to avoid obstacles, spin shots, which add a little spin to your ball and others.

There will also be a shot gauge, with which it will be possible to measure the curvature of your shot, as well as a scanner function, which will allow you to analyze the terrain you are playing on, all to make the game look like a face more professional and make you feel like a great golfer!

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In addition, several types of courses will also be available for your moves, including beautiful natural landscapes and even fields already known from the Mario franchise, to bring a good dose of nostalgia to your gameplay.

Playable Characters

Image of all 16 playable characters from mario golf: super rush
All 16 playable characters in the game

Also in the trailer you can see information about the playable characters of Mario Golf: Super Rush, there will be 16 in total! Follow the list:

  • king bobomb
  • Princess Peach
  • Wario
  • Mario
  • Bowser
  • Luigi
  • Waluigi
  • Daisy
  • Donkey Kong
  • Toad
  • Pauline
  • yochi
  • Rosaline
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Chargin 'Chuck
  • Boo

Remembering that each character will have their own statistics divided into power, stamina, speed, control and spin, and may be better than others in each of their specialties, so choosing the right character goes beyond a simple personal taste, it takes strategy!

Each character also has a special shot (Special Shot), something like a super power to make the game more interesting. For example, Mario's special shot is to move the balls close to the point of impact, and Luigi's is to freeze the ground with which to impact. It is worth studying and reading calmly the special of each character, in addition to testing everyone to see which will be your favorite.


Last but not least, Mario Golf: Super Rush will have a new twist on the controls. "Instead of controls with buttons, you can choose motion controls," says the trailer.

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And what does that mean? As with the Wii, the player will be able to use the joy-cons not only as simple common video game controls but as real golf clubs, to make gameplay even more immersive. To take a shot, the player will have to make the move as if he were actually playing golf.

Are you excited about the news? Calm down, the wait is ending! The official launch of the game is in a little over a month, June 25th. But it is already possible reserve your copy at the Nintendo store. So, do you intend to play the new release? Have you ever had the opportunity to play a Mario Golf game? Tell us in the comments!

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