Matt Sophos Responds to Complaints About Angrboda

Dissatisfied with the appearance of Angrboda and Thor, they speak what they want and hear what they don't from Matt Sophos, the Narrative Director of God of War: Ragnorok

While most fans are excited to see the new God of War: Ragnarök game, unveiled during PlayStation Showcase earlier this week, some incels players turned to the internet to complain about the appearance of some of the characters. Among them, Thor and, surprising zero people, Angrboda (who most of them didn't even know who he was because he never appeared in Thor's movies).

They're complaining about Thor's look, as he's a fat, muscular redhead instead of the model-bodied blonde like actor Chris Hemsworth these people are used to. Apparently, they don't want to see a “Fat Thor” (which was a hit in Avengers: Ultimatum), despite the fact that this new portrayal is actually much more faithful to Norse myths than the Marvel portrayal.

In addition to Thor, some incels fans have also complained about the character Angrboda, who in the game will be a black girl instead of a white one. It seems like people are making a “mimimi” about how black people don't exist in Norse myths and therefore the character should be white.

Matt Sophos Joins the Discussion and Ends It

In a recent Twitter post by cosplayer Alanna Smith, she mentioned her enthusiasm for cosplaying Angrboda soon. As some people don't have a life of their own, someone commented: "I don't understand why a black person?" In response, she said, "Because blacks exist", to which someone else had to say, "not in Norse mythology, ma'am."

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Fortunately, it was at this point that God of War: Ragnarök Narrative Director Matt Sophos joined the discussion to put these kids in their place. He responded to the comment that blacks are not part of Norse mythology with the following: “Do they also have blue dwarfs in Norse mythology? Was Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Please show me in the Eddas where it says that all the Jötunn (the ice giants) were white as a lily? Let me save you time... you can't. I read them.”

The discussion continued with the “butthurt” responding with more irrelevant points, but Sophos closed that discussion successfully, hopefully along with many others who are offended by the existence of a black person in the game of God of War: Ragnarök. It seems like there's a bunch of players out there looking for reasons to get pissed off, but Angrboda is here to stay, so they better get used to it.

Highlight for user Gaurav's tweet about Matt Sophos's response to the crying child with Angrboda's presence:

After all, who is Angrdoba?

In Norse myths, Angrboda is a Jotun (Giant) and the first wife of Loki. In Norse mythology, Angrboda (Angurboda, Angerboda, meaning “She who brings sadness”) is a giantess, lover of the god Loki and worshiped as the goddess of fear, due to her monstrous children. She was strong, powerful and determined, known as "The Guardian of Járnvid (Iron Forest)". Among the couple's children are the wolf Fenrir, the serpent of Midgard, Jörmungand, and the ruler of the underworld, Hel (or Hela).

Matt sophos
“Didn't like it? Your problem"

Face Ragnarök

Three years after the events of the previous game, Fimbulwinter (a period of “three successive winters, with no summer break”) is coming to an end and it is prophesied that Ragnarök will start as soon as Fimbulwinter ends. Atreus, still recovering from the revelations of the previous game and looking for answers about his identity as Loki, as well as a way to prevent Ragnarök from happening.

To discover the truth, Kratos and Atreus began looking for answers, looking for the Norse god of war Týr, who was previously believed to be dead. As they traverse the nine realms, the pair must face new threats, including Thor, the enraged god of thunder, and Freya, his former ally who seeks revenge after her son Baldur's death at the hands of Kratos.

God of War Ragnarok arrives in 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Now, leave it in the comments: What did you think of the director's response? Are you excited for the game? Enjoy and read more News on our website.

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Source: The Gamer

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