PS Plus subscription will be more expensive

Bad news for PS Plus subscribers who must pay more to have their games on the Sony console

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If you have a PS Plus subscription, be prepared to pay a little more, as from July 07, the game subscription fees will be a little more expensive. According to the e-mail sent by Sony to subscribers, the PS Plus values ​​will have a readjustment of up to 34% and up to R $ 50, depending on the type of subscription.

The changed amounts will start to be charged from July 07, at 14h59 (Brasília time). If you subscribe to the service today, the current rates will continue until the end of the subscription. See the new values ​​that will be practiced by the company:

Monthly:$ 25,90 to $ 34,90Increase of 34%
Quarterly:$ 64,90 to $ 84,90Increase of 30%
Annual$ 149,90 to $ 199,90Increase of 33%

According to the e-mail, the increase in values ​​reflects the “current market situation and allows the company to continue offering quality services.” Although the rise in the dollar is not mentioned as one of these factors (today, 10/05, the dollar is at R $ 5,24, but it has already reached R $ 6).

This increase in values ​​was practiced only in Brazil and the value of the PS Plus subscription in the USA and other countries remains at around US $ 60 (just over R $ 130 in direct conversion at the current exchange rate).

PS plus subscription will be more expensive | f49993b4 image 2021 04 30 152308 | married games news, playstation | playstation 4, playstation 5, ps plus, sony | ps plus subscription

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On the other side

In contrast to the increase in PS Plus values, Xbox players have good news. It was announced in April that Microsoft will now stop charging for players to use the multiplayer mode of free games. To date, it was necessary to pay to be able to play games online that are free, something that does not happen on the PC, for example.

Games like TERA Online, Star Trek Online, Apex Legends and Brawhalla will no longer need Xbox Live Gold to be played online. Other games with this feature still depend on the subscription, which currently costs R $ 85,99 in the quarterly plan and R $ 199 in the annual plan. At Sony, only a few free online games can be played without the need for a monthly payment, such as DC Online and Planetside 2.

PS Plus Subscription Benefits

PS Plus is a club of advantages for its players, giving access to exclusive benefits and facilities, in addition to free games that can be downloaded by the player, even after they have already left the free period. In addition to allowing you to play online, the Playstation Plus option is a great alternative for those who are unable to buy games every month.

The selection of free games is always very varied, every month we see games of all genres being made available for those who like to try new games. If you fit this profile, it is very simple to become a subscriber. Subscribers, while remaining on the program, will still have exclusive discounts on selected games, pre-orders and other items on the Playstation Store. In May, Sony announced that they will be free are:

ps plus subscription
Battlefield V is free
  • Battlefield V is a first-person shooter set in World War II.
  • Stranded Deep is a survival game for a player, in which you end up lost somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and must explore the underwater and terrestrial world in search of supplies.
  • Wreckfest: Hard Drive. Die LasT is a racing game with automotive destruction and many crashes, so that only one survivor reaches the end.

So, what did you think of the change in the value of the PS Plus subscription? Did you find the new value fair? Comment there with us and take the time to read more about Sony on Our site.

Source: Tecmundo

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