NFT Game Developers Unite to Return to Steam

Game developers and the Fight for Future foundation urge Valve to reverse its decision to ban cryptocurrency games

We recently talked about Valve, owner of Steam, have NFT games banned (those who give cryptocurrencies) of their platform and, although Epic is with open arms to welcome them, some still prefer Steam as a way to reach the players. A group of 29 NFT Game developers and technology advocacy groups, including the non-profit organization Fight For the Future, with a focus on digital rights, is asking Valve to reverse its ban on blockchain games on Steam.

In one open letter, they write: "In the spirit of [Steam's] pioneering vision, we ask that you give this rapidly growing technology a chance." This technology was "more or less" banned from Steam earlier this month, when Valve added a rule banning apps that "emit or allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs." Valve hasn't publicly explained the reason for the decision, but according to Age of Rust game developer SpacePirate, Valve doesn't want “items that might have real world value” on Steam.

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What do NFT Game Developers say?

In the letter, the NFT developers characterize Valve's decision as a change in policy, noting that it was one of the pioneers in the sale and marketing of digital items, which include Counter-Strike weapon skins and Steam trading cards.

"Valve is recognized for its willingness to experiment and innovate, not only with its games, but with the Steam platform itself”, says the letter. And they follow:

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"Considered the pioneers of changing the way gamers sell and trade digital game items for more than a decade, Valve probably understands the impact that a more concrete medium would facilitate. In the spirit of this pioneering vision, we ask that you give this rapidly growing technology a chance: remember your roots, let the industry prove it's a positive contributor to the overall gaming ecosystem, and reverse its decision to ban an entire category of Steam platform software. "

SpacePirate CEO Chris LoVerme argues that “the future of gaming is decentralized player-owned assets, where players are valued for their time and efforts spent on the game.. "

You can read the open letter posted on the Fight for Future website at full here.

What are NFT?

NFTs, or “Non-Fungible Tokens” are essentially unique 'receipts' that indicate ownership of something digital, such as an image, or possibly a video game item, such as a sword or character. They are usually purchased with Ethereum, the cryptocurrency technology that, controversially, requires a large amount of computing power and therefore a large amount of environmentally harmful power consumption to function.

So far, NFTs seem to have mainly benefited those who are already wealthy and influential, and have attracted many illicit acts in a short time. A game was caught using stolen art and we saw people robbed of millions of dollars.

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NFT games extrapolate players' notion of “ownership” in games, as the card states, to unique in-game items that could theoretically be sold for real money or transferred to other games.

The exclusivity is the fascination, but now, it feels like pure fantasy. Unique characters, skins, and weapons don't just pop out of nowhere; developers would need to create them and put them into games just like they already do. The Six Dragons, a game by one of the card's co-signers, promises that “players really do own their game assets as they can freely trade them with other players, sell them for real-world value, and use them in different game universes”. Which game universes? Do not say.

Many blockchain games also promise that players will profit from playing them, and several of the card's co-signers present their games as “play to win”. On official websites, the focus on owning and earning money is often the center of attention, making you wonder why anyone would want to play the games in the first place. “Make Money, Save the World,” reads the slogan of MyMetaverse, a site that is mostly made up of placeholders.

We have a list of several cryptocurrency games where you can earn some value in digital coins or buy NFTs, be they little monsters, cats or other things, and use them to “farm” various cryptocurrencies in your games, like Axie Infinity, cryptocats ou polker.

Now, all that remains is for Valve to take a stand on the decision and go back or keep the ban on NFT games. Some, like the House Party game, remain on Steam despite having the ability to create and sell NFT images that players can buy and trade. Meanwhile, Epic is still on open arms to NFT games.

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Source: Fight For the Future

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