Facebook Announces Oculus VR Update

V30 of Facebook's virtual reality headset will allow wireless streaming of games and other news. See what's next in the Oculus VR update

Facebook is releasing the Oculus VR v30 update for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headset. As announced earlier this week by Mark Zuckerberg, v30 includes a new multitasking interface for Infinite Office that allows you to put multiple apps side by side, including the browser, Oculus TV, Oculus Move, the store and so on in the way that the user want giving more freedom for you to arrange the icons in the way you think best.

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"Where would we be without multitasking? We love VR's ability to help us focus on a single task. We also know there are times when you need a little more flexibility – a browser window to work, Oculus Move to keep an eye on your daily fitness goals, maybe an Oculus TV video playing in the background.”

Like many new features in Oculus Quest, you can initially download them from the Experimental section of the settings menu. Once multitasking is turned on, apps can be dragged from the menu bar or app library and placed in any position you prefer.

Oculus VR Update with Air Link

The v30 update also enables Air Link for the original Oculus Quest headset. Air Link arrived on Quest 2 in April and allows you to stream VR games from your PC to your virtual reality glasses wirelessly, unlike Oculus Link, which does the same thing via a USB-C cable. Owners of the original Oculus Quest could stream PC games wirelessly with the third-party application Virtual Desktop.

 "We introduced Oculus Air Link in April, allowing Quest 2 users to stream VR games to PCs over their (strong) WiFi network instead of connecting an Oculus Link cable. Now, with v30, we're excited to start releasing Air Link to the original Quest owners too!

 If this is your first foray into Air Link, we suggest you check out our guide for best practices. But the essence of it? Access Air Link over a secure 5GHz WiFi network using an AC or AX router, connected via Ethernet to your PC, and make sure your PC meets Oculus Link requirements. 
Facebook Announces Oculus vr Update | 17ca82a9 vr4 | married games news, technology | facebook, vr | oculus vr update

Other new features include the addition of an accessibility tab to the settings menu that, among other things, allows for height adjustment, so games can be experienced from a standing point of view while sitting. Oculus has also added the ability to switch the headset's built-in microphone between system-wide chat and the app you're using.

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"First, change microphone. Sure, it's great to talk to your friends, but sometimes you need to coordinate tactics with the rest of the team, right? From the end of this month, when v30 is available to everyone, we'll start implementing the ability to exchange voice chat between your Party and the app you're in – so you can finally tell the person who took your equip victory as much as you enjoy it.”
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As always, the update might not reach your VR glasses right away due to the staggered rollout process, but Facebook says it's coming soon for all devices. See some of the changes that will be implemented according to the official announcement from Oculus Quest website.

Let us know in the comments if you liked these changes in the Oculus VR V30 Facebook update. Do you use Oculus Quest or Quest 2? Take the opportunity to read more about VR on Our site.

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