Open World in Fortnite? Leakers say yes

New leaked teasers suggest that Epic could add a new open-world fantasy RPG to Fortnite.

A possible open world game mode in Fortnite has been revealed by leakers via Twitter. Epic Games has always embraced creative ideas with Fortnite and that's why the game is now an incredible success and allows a studio to do a lot of new things, add a variety of characters and maybe even an RPG in the middle of a Battle Royale.

This is exactly what Fortnite's leakers are starting to speculate about recently. That Epic is planning an open-world RPG mode or Fortnite spin-off that could be coming soon. A Fortnite open world experience could, of course, be something Epic would like to do and could attract a new fan base and players to their battle royale.

Saturn? Is the world open in Fortnite?

According to prominent dataminer Fortnite and leaker Hypex, this may be exactly what Epic Games is doing. On account of Twitter, he shared two images that he claims are linked to Fortnite's upcoming project, which is currently codenamed 'Saturn'. Hypex says he believes these teasers are potentially part of a new open world roleplaying game mode. According to him, the leaker believes this due to the context of the teaser images, but also because in May a leaked document revealed that Epic was working on such a game mode.

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For starters, the two teaser images are sections of a larger image. They show a part of Fortnite characters armed with standard weapons of the fantasy genre. Jonesy wields a sword, Fishstick wields a spear and shield, Peely wields a magic scepter and Cuddle Team Leader wields a bow with arrows. Behind them, arrows fly towards the team and a giant enemy looking like an armored monkey attacks them.

open world in fortnite
leaker revealed image

In regards to the lawsuit, Hypex posted on May 3 a “Stipulated Exhibits” document from Epic Games' lawsuit against Apple and detailed what they described as an “open world simulation sandbox mode”. This coincided with a new map that leaked out with some props, including a medieval hut, a camp and what appeared to be development markings, to allow the player to place stuff in those spots. Hypex believes the new teasers and this old map referenced in the Epic process are all related.

Considering that Hypex is typically very confident in telling what he knows of what's coming to Fortnite soon, he's being very careful with this new information. The fact is, it's not clear exactly what Epic is planning for Fortnite. These two separate leaks may not be fully related, so it's best not to draw any conclusions yet. Everything might just be ideas for new weapons and maps and the so called “sandbox mode” might be a whole new project.

The two leaked images strongly imply some kind of RPG for Fortnite inspired by fantasy worlds. Whether this will come with an open world experience or something else, like a wave-based tower defense game or survival mode, is still too early to say. Regardless, it's a very interesting potential new direction for Fortnite and will likely appeal to players who crave something beyond the game's Battle Royale mode (me, for example).

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While the RPG doesn't come

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Fortnite is a Battle Royale style game, developed by Epic Games and you can download it from official website, and which can be played for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. A success among games of its kind, and still appearing on the lists of most played online games today, the title receives updates with new content regularly.

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