DokeV and Great Ocean Expansion are highlights of Pearl Abyss

Developer Pearl Abyss presented news of their games during Gamescom 2021. See what's new

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Pearl Abyss has announced the arrival of the nautical-themed Great Ocean update, Black Desert Mobile. The expansion includes an entirely new region for exploration, as well as many new features and activities. Available starting today (24), content implements a new region for maritime exploration and unprecedented resources for ships.

The Great Ocean is a new region that can be explored after completing the quests north of Valencia. On the map, players will see an area covered in fog ready to be explored and conquered, with naval warfare being a large part of that content.

Players can show off their wave control and combat skills as they bombard opponents and wage fierce battles against sea creatures and terrifying pirates. The cannon's intuitive commands let you attack enemies easily, just by holding, aiming and releasing the fire button. Players must also defend their loot from opponents during naval conflicts.

When navigating the ocean, it is possible to see a flock of seagulls in the distance, which signals fishing areas and also the possibility of exchanging their catch for valuable breeding materials that can be used to improve ships. A new battleground, Pirate Island of Padix, is also available. An invitation that will give you access to the place can be found in the loot of sea monsters or pirate ships. For more information about Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website.

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Pearl Abyss Releases DokeV Gameplay Trailer During Gamescom

In addition to the Black Desert Expansion, Pearl Abyss releases DokeV gameplay trailer during Gamescom New open-world action-adventure game impresses with unique visuals, real-time combat and collectible creature mechanics. Pearl Abyss is developing DokeV in PC and console versions and will announce its release date for 2022.

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