PS5: Check out the best jokes with the new logo

As we all know, 2020 will be the year of the new generation of consoles. THE Xboxtherefore made its Xbox Series reveal during the E3; However, Sony, during the CES 2020 did the console logo development only.

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But, if you have some knowledge about the world of games, you know that Sony is not very creative for the logos of its consoles, and this time was no different. The PS5 logo is EXACTLY the same as the PS4 logo, with only a change in the number.

Of course, with this happening the internet would not make it cheap and would make several jokes. We've put together some of the best ones for this post.

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PS5 or PS6 Announced?

PS2 was also confirmed years later

However, it was not just Internet users; The publisher Devolver Digital, famous for several games, such as Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, My Friend Pedro e Broforce, joined the game with the following tweet:

Anyway, in the tweet it says: If you turn the logo upside down, it says SSD, which means - and this is pure speculation - that the console will contain an SSD.

On the event

Anyway, jokes aside, the conference brought important data regarding Sony and the PS4. Sony's CEO finally announced that in all, 106 million consoles were sold, along with 1,15 billion games and 5 million PSVR units.

Data on the PS5 has also been officially revealed, such as the presence of an SSD, which will therefore make the console faster. 3D audio, adaptive levers, hardware ray-tracing and ultra HD Blu-ray have also been confirmed.

The next generation consoles promise much more than the current generation; Both Sony and Xbox intend to bring a console with 8K 60fps resolution and high quality ray-tracing to their consoles.

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