PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Run this Free for a limited time

A KRAFTON, Inc. announced today that PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS begins the end of summer celebration (in the Northern Hemisphere) with the arrival of the Free Week. Until next Monday (16), players can test the full game for free in the PC version, through the Steam

Pubg battlegrounds
Pubg Battlegrounds

Or content of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is fully available to new players, including the latest updates and content items:

  • All Featured Maps – During Free Week, all maps will be available for players to try out, including Taego, the latest 8x8km² map in the game. Currently, map rotation in regular matches includes Erange, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Karakin.
  • Zombie Survival – Through the PUGB LABS, players can team up and try to overcome 10 stages made up of several waves of zombies. Earn survival coins and buy stronger equipment to increase your chances of survival.
  • BLACKPINK x PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS – To celebrate the partnership, several BLACKPINK-themed elements will be added to the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS maps. These include graffiti on buildings, airplane banners, supply crates, and on Level 3 helmets. Select in-game BLACKPINK themed items are also available for purchase.
  • Survivor Pass: Taego – Players can also purchase the Survival Pass: Taego and level up to earn a variety of in-game items, including unique characters and weapon skins and much more. Pubg.
  • Create a Global Account Event – Make sure you create a Global Account and link it to Steam during Free Week to win the game's exclusive traditional (round) glasses. Creating a global account during Free Week will also allow you to keep all stats, in-game items and Survival Pass progress once this free period ends.

PUBG school

To prepare the new players who will arrive through the Free Week, KRAFTON, Inc. has launched the PUBG school, a series of partner lives made exclusively to teach the basics and give tips on how to get that Chicken Dinner, which happens until this Friday (13).

The full schedule of the PUBG school can be checked on the official website by clicking here.