PUBG: PCS5 Americas Announced with $250 Award

A krafton announce to PUBG Continental Series 5 (PCS5) the 4th and final competition of the competitive circuit of the Americas in 2021, which will start on August 11th. In addition to the $250 prize pool at the Grand Final, the event will give ranking points to the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) and will guarantee a direct place for the champion in the competition.

It is now possible to register for the open selective, which takes place between August 11th and 19th

Continental pubg series 5 (pcs5)
Continental Series 5 PUBG (PCS5)

A PCS5 The Americas will have four stages: Open Selections and separate Group Stages for Latin America and North America, while the Last Chance Qualifier and the Grand Final will feature representatives from the two sub-regions competing together.

It is now possible to register for the open selective, which takes place between August 11th and 19th

open selective

With capacity for up to 160 teams, the Latin America open selective will have three rounds, each with two days of matches. In the last round there will be eight teams classified for the Latin American Group Stage.

Check the dates:

Round 1: August 11th and 12th (up to 160 teams, 32 advance)
Round 2: August 14th and 15th (32 teams, 16 advance)
Round 3: August 17th and 18th (16 teams, 8 qualify)

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Championship schedule pcs5
PCS5 championship schedule

Group Phase

The Latin American Groups Phase will be held with 24 teams: eight classified from the open selective and 16 invited from the Latin American Groups Phase of the ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 2 of the Americas.

Distributed in three brackets (A, B and C), the 24 teams will face each other over six days. On each day there will be five matches, involving members of two groups. Each team will therefore play in four of the six days of competition, participating in 20 matches. In total, there will be 30 clashes.

With a prize pool of $25, the Group Stage will follow the Most Chicken Rule, where the leaderboard is based on the number of matches won by the teams and, finally, the number of eliminations.

The top 6 of the overall leaderboard, which takes into account the results obtained by teams from the three groups, will qualify directly for the Grand Final of the PCS5 Americas. The eight teams from 7th to 14th place will have a new opportunity in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Check the dates:

Week 1: August 20th to 22nd
Week 2: August 24th to 26nd

Last Chance Qualifier

The Last Chance Qualifier will feature 16 teams: 7th through 14th place in the Latin American Group Stage and 7th through 14th place in the North America Group Stage.

They will face each other in 12 matches, six on 28 August and another six on 29 August.

The top 4, determined by the Most Chicken Rule, qualify for the Grand Final. In addition, the Last Chance Qualifier will have a prize pool of US$ 20.

Distribution of points for pgc
Distribution of points for the PGC

the grand final

The Grand Final will be played by 16 teams: the top 6 of the Latin American Group Stage, the top 6 of the North American Group Stage and the top 4 of the Last Chance Qualifier. The prize will be US$ 250 miAl, and the champion qualifies directly for the PGC 2021

In addition to the awards, the Grand Final of PCS5 Americas will also give ranking points to the PGC 2021

The competitive circuit of the Americas has already had two competitions, which also had cash prizes and points for the PGC: ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 1 and PCS4. The ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 2 is in progress. THE PCS5 it will be the fourth and final competition.

To see the latest news from the competitions. PUBG or official championship website.