Razer announces initiative to take care of players' health

“Champions start from within” program will provide resources for managing the physical and mental well-being of professional and emerging athletes

Concerned about the health and well-being of gamers, Razer announces initiatives to take care of the players' health. The world's leading gaming lifestyle brand announces the “Champions Start from Within” program, which aims to promote healthy and sustainable gaming habits in the demanding and competitive gaming industry.

Razer will work alongside psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and other experts to provide resources in videos, articles, contacts and events. eSports athletes, professionals and amateurs, can refer to these easily accessible materials to further improve their level of play through physical and mental well-being.

According to data from consultancy Newzoo, global eSports revenues have increased significantly and are forecast to grow more than 14,5% annually, and are expected to surpass the billion dollar mark in 2021.

Attracted by the promises of fame, recognition, and with constant increases in prize money at tournaments, athletes often push hard and, without realizing it, end up neglecting their health. As a result, the average retirement age for an electronic sports athlete is about 25 years, much earlier than traditional sports athletes.

Often, physical injuries and mental stress caused by irregular hours and diets are cited as the main reasons for retirement.

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“The e-sports scene is dynamic and intense, and that's what makes it so exciting and engaging. However, as the industry has not placed emphasis on physical and mental health, many athletes do not know how to take care of their heads and bodies so that they have a longer-lasting career.”, says Flo Gutierrez, global director of eSports at Razer. "We want to ensure that players and teams of all levels of competition are properly supported. To do this, we met with the leading experts in the field and designed this program for them', completed.

Razer announces “Champions come from within” initiative

Razer announces initiative
Razer Events Calendar

Focusing on four strands (physical activity, mental health, sleep and nutrition), Razer brought together sports wellness experts, professional athletes, thought leaders and the best eSports teams to support this program. Along with the community, Razer has organized lectures, events and activations to educate aspiring athletes and help them with some of the difficulties related to competition. The features that will be made available on the initiative portal include:

  • Articles and videos with advice and tips on how to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, as you prepare for the next tournament.
  • Discussion panel to ease the mental and physical pressure of electronic sports, as well as guidance and support for athletes. Panels will include sports health and wellness experts such as Dr. Jordan Tsai, eSports physiotherapist at Respawn Therapy.
  • Crystal Mills, former pediatric trauma surgery technologist and currently vice president of content at Ritual Motion, a leading health and wellness brand for players; Dr. Drew Schwartz, chiropractor at For The Wellness, as well as professional eSports athletes from Team Razer, which includes members of leading eSports organizations around the world.
  • Individual consultation with Razer's partner specialists through an appointment system where players can schedule sessions with physiotherapists, doctors and other professionals according to their own needs.

Razer is the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers

In addition, in order to support the eSports and games communities, Razer will promote meetings and events such as:

  • Razer webinar dedicated to wellness that is scheduled for November 2021 and will be attended by health experts involved with electronic sports. Open to the public, the webinar aims to educate and bring more awareness and support to players.

Ritual Motion Webinar, with tips for healthier gaming experiences.

Taking care of physical and mental health is important for players
Taking care of physical and mental health is important for players

“It is commendable that Razer, a leader in the electronic sports and gaming industry, is stepping up to help shape the future of gamers while also protecting future generations of electronic sportsmen“says Liz Murphy, marketing director for Ritual Motion, the leading healthcare company Razer partnered with for this initiative. "We are proud to be part of this commitment, to shed light on how an athlete can and should take care of their health and body in this relentless pursuit of trophies.”, completes the director.

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The “Champions Start from Within” program begins with articles from Ritual Motion and a series of videos from Respawn Therapy. Subjects covered include questions about how to deal with important aspects related to wear and tear, such as fatigue, exhaustion, stress and recovery, as well as tips on posture. A suite of Razer products will also be featured.

which have been ergonomically designed to reduce physical fatigue while playing games. For more information about the “Champions Start from Within” initiative, please click here. Enjoy and read more News on our website and leave it in the comments if you liked this new feature.

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