Fortnite | How to complete the Sentinel Cemetery mission

This guide will show you where to find the Sentinel cemetery and how to take the challenge quickly. You may need to play more than one match, due to aggressive players, and you will need to dance on three different Sentinel heads in all.

The challenges of Chapter 2 Season 4 is focused on the Marvel universe, offering new ways to meet challenges through the map, which has been updated for the Nexus War with the Marvel theme. One of the challenges will take you to a specific Marvel location, asking you to dance on top of different Sentinels in the Sentinel Cemetery.

You will probably be able to complete this challenge simply and easily. So if you're a fan of X-Men, you'll probably like how the game used these Sentinels as well. Read on to learn how to complete it quickly.

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Sentinel cemetery location?

The Sentinela Cemetery is located in the E6 quadrant on the map near Lago da Preguiça and Bosque Choroso. There are several giant Sentinels lying on top of a house and in the region. It's easy to land directly there and loot nearby houses and camps, but there won't be enough for multiple players if you find someone who is focused on eliminating enemies. Some players, however, will try to complete the challenge as you do. If possible, be friendly, unless they shoot first, if that's the case, shoot them too. Check the map below to see the exact location.

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Sentinel Cemetery Location
Sentinel Cemetery Location

How to Dance on the Sentinel's Head

This challenge is quite simple. All you have to do is perform a dance emote on top of several Sentinel heads. It's easy to get to their heads if you jump into the Sentinels' hands that will give you a boost, like the one in the image below. You don't need to be wearing specific skin.

Jump on your hands to get to the sentinels' heads
Jump on the hands to get to the Sentinels head

To complete the challenge you will have to dance on top of three Sentinel heads and the challenge will be over. You don't have to dance on three heads in the same match; you can dance on one head per game and continue the game as normal. But don't forget to complete the challenge before the end of season 4.

What will I get for dancing on top of Sentinel heads?

You will receive 25.000 experience points that will help to level up your battle pass and unlock Iron Man, Mystique and other heroes in the coming weeks. Try to complete as many missions as possible before launch. Stay tuned for even more Marvel themed challenges.

Have you completed this mission yet? Do you have any tips? Tell us in the comments.

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