Steam Cloud Play enters beta with GeForce Now support

Valve quickly reached the cloud gaming market with the launch of the Steam Cloud Play Beta, which integrates with GeForce Now. At the moment, it allows everything to be done for GeForce Now.

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Presumably, it will also allow users to launch GeForce Now streamed through Steam for supported games. Only a limited number of games will be supported at the beginning; and users will need to download the GeForce Now client and connect their Steam accounts to it, as they already do.

"Customers will continue to purchase games on Steam the same way they do today, and partner payments will remain the same"; explains the page, which was already the case. In part, Valve appears to be helping Nvidia explain what GeForce Now is and is not, and how it affects Steam publishers.

It can be a great help to GeForce Now. A variety of Steam games can now be played on GeForce Now, but in a fragmented way and with some major obstacles, because several developers and publishers have requested that their games be removed. With the publishers' ability to activate by activating Steam, Nvidia's library of supported games should grow more easily.

About the future of Steam Cloud Play cloud resources

However, it looks like this is just the beginning when it comes to Steam cloud resources: Valve said it “will continue to build server resources and capacity for players” and, when developers choose GeForce Now, they will also choose cloud streaming "hosted by Valve", suggesting that the company may have plans for its own cloud streaming service. He has already built technology for live streaming, Remote Play and Remote Play together, so it’s not too difficult to imagine Valve building its own cloud streaming service.

Anyway, the integration with Steam is part of a broader change in GeForce Now: it is changing to a new model of general acceptance; giving developers and publishers direct control over whether their games are accessible through the service. Anyway, Valve may also be feeling a little pressure from the Epic Games Store on this front: in early March; Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney; said Epic will “sincerely support” GeForce Now, for its own games and “Epic Games Store titles you choose” to participate (including exclusives). ”

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